Saxony wants to rely on green hydrogen – strategy presented

Energy Minister Wolfram Günther (Greens) spoke of a milestone in the energy transition in Bavaria. Saxony wants to and can become a catalyst for the diverse use of hydrogen. In addition, the development of a hydrogen economy makes a major contribution to structural change. “We have a duty to meet the Paris climate targets. That means phasing out fossil fuels.” Hydrogen is needed for this in many areas. In order to make inexpensive green hydrogen available, however, the Saxon energy transition must finally get going.

Hydrogen as a key technology

Economics Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) described hydrogen as a key technology. “It has far-reaching dimensions for the entire restructuring of our industry – because climate neutrality by 2045 can only be achieved with the use of green hydrogen.” In this respect, the hydrogen strategy is a “survival strategy for Saxon companies and jobs in all sectors”.

“Switching entire sectors of the economy to a hydrogen-based energy supply and at the same time developing the most efficient systems for this is only feasible with strong research partners,” emphasized Science Minister Sebastian Gemkow (CDU). Sachse has all facets of expertise. Universities and technical colleges as well as non-university institutions have been well positioned for years.

Industry and transport in view

Specifically, the strategy is aimed at the areas of energy, science, industry, mobility and structural development. Saxony wants to strengthen hydrogen in science and research and promote applications in industry and transport. A Saxon competence center for hydrogen is to be created as a central institution and will in future carry out all hydrogen stakeholders and projects as well as networking with Saxony’s neighboring countries and states. (dpa/amo)

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