New version of the Corona-Warn-App shows the status

As of: 01/18/2022 3:29 p.m

2G, 2G Plus or 3G? At admission control, it is not so easy to get an overview of whether all requirements have been met. Now there is a new version of the Corona-Warn-App. This should make check-in faster.

There is a new version of the federal government’s official Corona warning app. And this app is able to summarize valid vaccination or recovery certificates as well as a digital test certificate in an overall status. This was announced by the operators of the app, SAP and Deutsche Telekom. Version 2.16.1 was already available for the iPhone in Apple’s App Store this morning. The version for Android smartphones should be available by Wednesday evening.

Four combination ads

In order for the different certificates to be correctly combined into an overall status, the details of the evidence must match. This applies to data such as the date of birth, all first names and the spelling of the name. Four different combination displays are then displayed in the app: “2G”, “2G+”, “3G” and “3G+”.

Users of the Corona-Warn-App (CWA) can then switch between the QR code of the vaccination or recovery certificate and the code of the test certificate via a switch, in order to quickly and easily provide a 2G Plus certificate, for example. Both QR codes must be checked on site using the CovPassCheck app along with presentation of ID if 2G Plus proof is required.

The “2G+” status in the app means that the person is fully vaccinated or recovered and also has a recent negative test. In the warning app, users must have a vaccination or recovery certificate and a PCR or rapid test certificate that is no more than 72 or 48 hours old for this status.

No current status for booster vaccination

For data protection reasons, when the certificates are checked by the CovPassCheck app, it is not clear whether the person has a vaccination or recovery certificate. “When scanning the QR code, the inspectors only see whether the certificate is valid or not,” it says.

The creators of the app pointed out that one point is not yet up to date: vaccinated or convalescent people who have received a booster vaccination (booster vaccination) must, according to the decision of the federal and state health ministers, have a 2G Plus regulation currently no current test. “The CWA does not yet take this regulation into account in the status display. This means that if there is a certificate of vaccination or recovery and a certificate of the booster vaccination, it does not yet show the 2G Plus status. The project team is already working on the CWA to issue certificates in the future of booster vaccinations accordingly.”

RKI: Loaded more than 40 million times

The Corona-Warn-App is intended to help curb the infection rates with the corona virus. The app anonymously registers people who have been at a distance of two meters or less for a long time as high-risk contacts. With the Luca app, contact details of visitors are securely recorded, which are made available to the health department if necessary.

According to the RKI, the Corona warning app from the Robert Koch Institute has now been downloaded 40.7 million times.

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