Néstor Villanueva announces the end of his marriage to Florcita Polo after 12 years together: “I’m single”

The Peruvian singer confirmed that he is separated from Florcita Polo Díaz. (Photo: Instagram)

Love is over. Nestor Villanueva visited the set of Women in Charge to announce their final separation from Florcita Polo Diaz, to whom he has been married for more than a decade. All this happened after the daughter of Susy Díaz made public her marital crisis at the end of 2021.

The news was announced this Monday, January 17, when the singer entered the set of Women in Charge to greet the drivers of Latina: Thais Casalino, Giovanna Valcarcel Y Melissa Paredes, who reappeared in the magazine to the surprise of many.

Now that I’m single let me tell you that they are beautiful. I couldn’t tell before. what beautiful girls, expressed Nestor Villanueva to make it clear that he is now a free man. Giovanna quickly asked if he was really single. “Yes… how beautiful you are girls”, answered the singer.

Melissa Paredes was speechless, but warned her to be patient and better announce her singleness once she has signed the divorce, otherwise she could have problems, this in reference to the scandal she starred in with her ex-husband Rodrigo Cuba. “You say you’re single, but they’re going to bully you because you don’t sign the divorce, because it’s like that here, otherwise… imagine”, told the ex-driver of America Today.

The also radio announcer asked Nestor if he was willing to sign his divorce as soon as possible, since he seemed quite calm about the separation. “If they gave you a piece of paper to sign the divorce right now, would you do it?”Valcárcel questioned.

Néstor Villanueva remained silent and asked the production of the program to launch the commercial cut, since he would answer once he thought of the definitive answer. “No, no, if you are hesitating it is because your heart…”, Melissa let him know, implying that there was still a chance to reconcile with Florcita.

“I prefer not to talk about this anymore because then it will rebound, I prefer not to comment on this anymore”, answered the still husband of Susy Díaz’s daughter.


After announcing that he is a single man and that he is no longer in a relationship with Florcita Polo, Nestor Villanueva He was encouraged to dedicate the song to his ex-partner “That just” from Jose jose. Apparently like a goodbye message now that their marriage is over.

“When we are no longer together and people ask you what I have been in your life, tell them that I was important, that you loved me enough and that you are not sorry. Don’t talk bad about me, it’s not okay to be like that. God is witness of how much I loved you…”, Villanueva sang on set.

But the thing did not stop there, because he also wanted to sing to his ex-mother-in-law Susan Diaz. This time Nestor decided to sing “On your day” of the mexican singer Pedro Infante. “From now on, let us gladly celebrate this day of such blissful pleasure”, expressed the national artist.

Néstor Villanueva confirms that he is single. (Video: Latina/ Women in Charge)


Days ago, the daughter of Susan Diaz also appeared on the show Women in Charge. Unlike Nestor Villanueva, Florcita did not want to talk about their relationship and was even annoyed with Thais Casalino, who kept asking her if her marriage to the singer was still standing.

“I think that what matters to people right now is to know what Florcita is doing today… she continues to work, she continues to get ahead, she is with her dresses and that is the important thing, what people have to see. I keep my private life on the sidelines and I prefer not to comment on it and I think that if I haven’t done it before, when the problems happened, I won’t do it nowI don’t want to bring it up.”she replied uncomfortably.


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