Moon Jae-in administration’s last prosecutor, will there be an industrial accident expert?

– With the Act on Punishment of Serious Accidents, etc. (Severe Accident Punishment Act) being enforced on the 27th, attention is focused on whether an industrial accident expert can sit in the prosecutor’s seat. This is because the Ministry of Justice announced that the last prosecutor under the Moon Jae-in administration would be appointed as an expert in the field of industrial accident and labor human rights.

– According to the legal community on the 18th, the Ministry of Justice held a new appointment the day before for one experienced prosecutor at the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office (prosecutor’s office). Possessing domestic and foreign doctoral degrees or certificates in the fields of serious accidents, industrial accidents, industrial safety, and labor, or working history in related national institutions, public organizations, and corporations were presented as the selection criteria.

– Minister of Justice Park Beom-gye has announced several times that he will “select experts related to major disasters.” However, within the prosecution, there is an atmosphere of opposition to the appointment of a non-prosecutor’s office to the position of the chief prosecutor in the investigation command line, and labor is expected.

– The position of a prosecutor at the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office or higher is a person who has served as a judge, prosecutor, or lawyer for at least 10 years, or has a lawyer’s license and has been engaged in law-related affairs at a national institution, local government, or state/public corporation, or has at least an assistant professor of law at a university It is possible if you have worked.

– The Ministry of Justice will hold the Prosecutor’s Recruitment Committee on the 21st to discuss the standard for regular personnel appointments for prosecutors, including regular prosecutors.

The Great Swordsman formed the Severe Disaster Investigation Support Team

– Ahead of the enforcement of the Serious Disaster Punishment Act, the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office announced on the 18th that it had formed a ‘Severe Accident Investigation Support Team’.

– It was composed of a serious industrial accident team and a serious civil accident team. The promotion team decided to strengthen its professionalism by establishing a task dedicated to safety accidents and designating a safety inspection inspector at the forefront.

– It is also a task to prepare an investigation cooperation plan to establish a cooperative system with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and the police and a command system for labor inspectors.

– The thing that attracts the most attention is to identify the responsible person’s duty of care or causal relationship based on the understanding of the cause of the accident. It is said that the focus will be on strengthening investigative capabilities such as investigation techniques, methods of maintaining public charges, and research on sentencing standards.

– When the law is enforced, I hope that justice will be established in which the person who made the most profit by taking someone’s life is punished accordingly.

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