Merseburg University of Applied Sciences provides digital information about master’s degrees

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The Merseburg University of Applied Sciences informs students about their master’s degree programs in an online event lasting several days. © Christin Klose/dpa-tmn

In a series of online events, interested parties can now find out more about master’s courses at Merseburg University of Applied Sciences. In addition to discussions with subject advisors, there is also information on the subject of further education.

Merseburg – What next after the bachelor’s degree? The Merseburg University of Applied Sciences wants to get more students excited about a master’s degree.

To this end, the three-day series of events “Date your Master” will start on Tuesday (January 18), during which the content, organization and implementation of all master’s degree programs offered by the university will be presented digitally. The spectrum ranges from technology to management to culture – there are twelve master’s programs in these three departments.

These are presented in the afternoons at fixed times, exchange with subject advisors is possible. Facts about scientific further education, for example alongside a job or study, are also conveyed. The latter is also aimed at entrepreneurs who would like to further qualify their employees at a scientific level.

According to the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences in the Saalekreis district, it is “the center for applied sciences in the Halle-Leipzig metropolitan region”. In more than 60 laboratories, research is carried out together with and for institutions, commercial companies or social institutions. The university has existed since April 1992 and has almost 2,900 students. dpa

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