Mario Delgado celebrated the validation of signatures for the Revocation of Mandate: “It will be a historical precedent”

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Recently, the National Electoral Institute (INE) announced that citizen signatures for the Mandate Revocation process reached 3% of the Nominal List of Electors, minimum requirement for its completion on April 10. Given this, Mario Delgado Carrillo celebrated “the desire of Mexican men and women to live in a participatory democracy.”

“Citizens gave a great example of organization by gathering millions of signatures without a single peso, which shows that when there is a democratic will everything is possible and, without a doubt, it also shows that people are clear that the Revocation consultation of Mandate will be a historical precedent so that no president even thinks of betraying the people, because the people contribute and the people take away”, expressed the morenista.

Likewise, the party leader trusted that at the conclusion of the review of the more than 11 million signatures delivered to the body chaired by Lorenzo Córdova Vianello, the minimum required to carry out the consultation promoted by President Andrés Manuel López will be exceeded “by far”. Obrador (AMLO) and, in this way, the INE “leave bureaucratic pretexts behind.”

“We trust that the electoral councilors, with transparency and objectivity, fulfill their constitutional responsibility and make this exercise of citizen participation possible. The Revocation of the Mandate goes,” he warned.

On the other hand, Delgado Carrillo endorsed Morena’s commitment to achieve “a real change” in the country’s democracy and hand in hand with the citizenry, whom he congratulated for having gathered the required number of signatures thanks to his organization and his democratic will. .

René Miranda Jaimes, executive director of the Federal Register of Electors, indicated that they were reported and definitively verified 2 million 845 thousand 634 signatures, that is, a little more than one hundred percent (104.23%) of the necessary goal of 2 million 758 thousand, and which was exceeded by 87 thousand 634 registrations.

In this way, for the first time in Mexico, the democratic exercise will be carried out in which the performance of the president will be evaluated and thus withdraw or ratify him in office. “The Revocation of the Mandate goes, the constitutional exercise that has been established and in which the institution has been working since we have a legal obligation goes, because the main requirements are already covered, and the scope and coverage are being seen,” he said. Miranda Jaimes.

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