Magaly Medina and her curious reaction after learning that Mujeres al Mando beat Rodrigo González in the rating

Magaly Medina and her reaction after knowing the rating of Amor y Fuego. (Photo: Instagram / Latina)

the tv host Magaly Medina did not hesitate to express himself after knowing the rating of Love and Fire against Women in Command. As it is recalled, the driver Rodrigo González referred harshly to the low figures made by the Latina program, which had as a main course in recent days the ex-wife of Rodrigo Cuba, Melissa Paredes.

It all started when a user of the account of Twitter ‘El rating manda’ published the figures made by Amor y Fuego at the beginning of the season and compared them with the Women in Command program. “Amor y fuego only did 1.9 at the beginning of the season and Mujeres al Mando with the Melissa Paredes interview did 3.3. Women in Command beat Love and Fire″, published the account, achieving different reactions in the users of the social network.

While many said that the comparison was inaccurate because they were different schedules, others came out in defense of the Latina program, pointing out that they did attest to these figures.

“You cannot compare the rating of Willax, a small channel, with Latina, which is one of the 3 largest channels…”, wrote a follower of Amor y Fuego, while a supporter of Mujeres al Mando indicated: “There is no small channel, there is only a small program, invisible, it doesn’t work”.

“Very serious to compare programs with different times with different starts, 1.9 at 2 pm is different from 3.3 in the morning. So THE RATING RULES IF AND ONLY IF it is compared correctly, same schedule”another user wrote.

“He has always beaten him, even if it hurts Peluchín. Although it is true, there are factors such as the time and the signal (Latina vs. Willax). Peluchín always confronts MAM with a low rating, but AyF’s score is lower than Beto’s.” narrowed another.

And while the spirits between followers of both programs heated up, Magaly Medina did not hesitate to also comment. The journalist shared this publication on her Twitter account and put two surprised faces on her post.

Magaly Medina and her reaction to the rating of Amor y Fuego.  (Photo: Twitter)
Magaly Medina and her reaction to the rating of Amor y Fuego. (Photo: Twitter)

As it is recalled, the TV host has been confronted on more than one occasion with Rodrigo González, either because of the rating, ideologies and the content of the program itself. While Rodrigo has called her petty, Magaly has highlighted the high figures she makes compared to Willax’s program.


The host of Amor y Fuego referred to the low rating of Mujeres al Mando, which presented its exclusive interview with Melissa Paredes. The driver had harsh criticism when he saw the results. “The replacement of the ‘fariselita’ (Ethel Pozo) tripled the audience, that’s how the results are, it passed without penalty of glory”He indicated in his program.

“(They thought) that ‘if we put Melissa Paredes on, people will discover the extraordinary content we have’, surely that is what goes through the minds of these brainless people who have managed to sink the show”, narrowed down

He also referred to the ampay of Melissa Paredes with Anthony Aranda. “Remember that she has not been able to save her relationship, nor save her lies, nor save the public role she made, what is going to be able to save that morning show that is already more dead than everything previously said”, concluded.


At the end of 2021, the TV host Rodrigo Gonzalez He gave details of why he is no longer a friend of Magaly Medina. in your program love and fire He pointed out that the TV host told him that entertainment was a world of beasts, however, what he never told him was that “she was the maximum tarantula”.

Yes, it has happened to me for almost a decade that it was attack after attack. (…) They told me: ‘but isn’t she your friend, then why has she expressed herself like that about you, why has she minimized your program, why does she say that no one sees you?, why does she say that the scoops are hers alone, why did she ask ATV not to hire you when they knew you were going to start at noon, isn’t she supposed to be your friend?’ As time passed I also began to understand things”, he counted.

Peluchín is no longer a friend of Magaly Medina.  (Photo: Composition)
Peluchín is no longer a friend of Magaly Medina. (Photo: Composition)


When he left Latina, everyone thought that Rodrigo Gonzalez would return to television through the signal of ATV; however, it was totally the opposite, since he did it for Willax Television. The reason would have been that the negotiations fell through by third parties.

Friends do not say that about the work of other friends, they do not prevent you from entering television channels because they feel threatened. They do not throw your work or the work of your colleagues on the ground“, He said.

When I heard her say that this was a world of beasts and that the strongest survive, she never specified that she was the greatest tarantula, and today I understood it.”, He stated quite annoyed.


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