Luis Advíncula and a fancy hat at Boca Juniors vs. Colo Colo

Luis Advíncula and a luxury hat at Boca Juniors vs. Colo Colo (Photo: ESPN Capture)

Luis Advincula he showed off with a sensational play in the match Boca Juniors vs Colo Colo which was played this Monday, January 17, 2022 at the UNO Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium in La Plata in Argentina.

At minute 22 of the game, Boca Juniors he started his attack moving the ball from left to right. Goalkeeper Agustín Rossi yielded to Luis Advincula who faced pressure from Colo Colo player Pablo Solari.

Luis Advincula He reacted quickly and confidently. The Peruvian winger immediately made a little hat, subtly lifted the ball over his mark and came out with flying colors.

Luis Advincula He was preparing to continue with the play, but was immediately blocked by attacker Juan Martín Lucero, who was following the Peruvian, along with Argentine Solari, who had fallen by the wayside.

Luis Advíncula wore a hat at the start of the Boca Juniors vs. colo colo

Boca Juniors opened the scoring of the match against Colo Colo through Diego González. The ‘Octopus’ controlled outside the area and finished off the right post of the Chilean goalkeeper Cortés.

Boca Juniors and Luis Advíncula play their first game of 2022 after the start of the preseason a few weeks ago. The last game of the Xeneize club was against FC Barcelona of Spain in which they were awarded the Diego Armando Maradona Trophy. Days before, on December 14, they beat Central Córdoba 8-1.

The next Boca Juniors match will be against the University of Chile on date 2 of the 2022 Summer Tournament. For his part, Colo Colo, in his first match in the tournament, beat Universidad de Chile 2-1.


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