Liberals ask César Gaviria to endorse Luis Fernando Velasco

Luis Fernando Velasco sounds like a candidate for the Liberal Party, in a proposal made by members of that community to César Gaviria. Photo: courtesy Luis Fernando Velasco.

There were 130 members of the community who, in an open letter to the current director of the Liberal Party, former president Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, they requested to deliver a pre-candidate endorsement to Luis Fernando Velasco, who in November announced adherence to the Historical Pact.

But the request did not stop at that point, the Liberals suggested that Gaviria lead the community to the awnings of said political coalition with the intention that Velasco be part of the consultation scheduled for March between leftist candidates.

It should be noted that said consultation will elect a single candidate for the presidential elections on May 29, 2022.

Liberalism today cannot become a passive spectator of reality at a time when the country is preparing to define new directions., and less can their strategy be simply trusting that the local chiefdoms give us a sum of votes that allows us to later negotiate spaces of power in a future government, even falling into the nonsense of agreeing with the old outdated establishment than with new forces”, was the Liberals’ call for attention to their director in the letter released by The viewer.

Luis Fernando Velasco, who days ago was in the newsroom of Noticias RCN, was consulted by the Liberals who sent the letter to former President Gaviria. Advancement The viewer that this group asked the candidate to establish bridges with the Historical Pact for the arrival of the community in case the conditions proposed in the letter to Gaviria were met.

Velasco, who has not spoken publicly about said requirement, has disagreed with the Liberal strategy of waiting until inter-party consultations in March for the party to support a particular candidate.

César Gaviria, former president of Colombia and undisputed leader of the Liberal party (Colprensa - Camila Díaz)
César Gaviria, former president of Colombia and undisputed leader of the Liberal party (Colprensa – Camila Díaz)

At the time of its adherence to the Historical Pact, it stated that “in Colombia there is more liberalism than party” opening fire against Gaviria, who has led the Liberal party with an iron hand during the period of alliances for the 2022 elections.

For the candidate, this attitude is a loss of audacity in the leader who led Colombia in the early 1990s: “I would like to talk to him and see the bold gaviria 30 years ago, the one who agreed with the M-19 guerrillas, but today is a Gaviria who lost his audacity”, he said referring to the former president and national director of the Liberal Party.

The letter emphasizes that Luis Fernando Velasco is a decisive piece for liberalism at a time when said community does not decide its course for this election season.

“It is evident that they connect with people by representing the outrage of citizens against the mismanagement of an establishment that has little to show for it. The line that the Pact offers lies in liberal ideas and that is why we asked Senator Velasco to represent us”, reads a paragraph of the public letter sent by the Liberals to Gaviria.

The communication ends by opening the doors to other names that can be considered as political cards for the party. They insist on Gaviria in listening to the rank-and-file militant and convening, as soon as possible, an “express” convention to define who will represent the community in the 2022 electoral fairs.

At the moment, Gaviria has not commented publicly on the letter sent by his co-supporters.


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