Korea Automobile Federation announces support for Lee Jae-myung

▲ Lee Nak-yeon, chairman of the National Vision and National Integration Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea, and Seo Jong-soo, chairman of the Automobile Federation, are signing the policy agreement at a policy agreement ceremony held at the National Assembly in the morning of the 17th.

The Labor Relations Committee (standing co-chairs Kim Joo-young, Shin Seung-cheol, and Ahn Ho-young) of the Democratic Party’s Presidential Candidate Election Countermeasures Committee decided to work with the Automobile Federation (Chairman Seo Jong-su) to strengthen the public nature of buses.

On the morning of the 17th, the Labor Relations Committee held a policy agreement ceremony with the Automobile Federation at the National Assembly Hall. At the election committee, Lee Nak-yeon, chairman of the National Vision and National Integration Committee, Kim Joo-young and Ahn Ho-young, co-chairs of the Labor Commission, Lee Su-jin and Park Hae-cheol, co-chairs, Heo Young, deputy head of the Policy Headquarters, and Park Sang-hyeok, permanent deputy head of the Functional Headquarters, were in attendance.

The Labor Relations Commission and the Korea Automobile Federation are △Promoting the establishment of a bus account in the special account for transportation facilities operated by the central government to strengthen the public nature of buses △Promoting the introduction of an effective bus operation system such as the bus semi-public system △Reconfirming that bus workers are ‘essential workers’ Prepare measures for improvement and job stability △Establish a policy to promote bus use to respond to the climate crisis and progress toward a carbon-neutral society to improve the transfer system △In addition, to establish and jointly operate an agreement implementation section for the Democratic Party of Korea Respect for Labor signed a

Chairman Lee Nak-yeon said, “There are many problems that have not been expressed in the agreement, but there are many issues that need to be resolved. Chairman Lee added, “The Democratic Party and the Korean Federation of Trade Unions worked together to solve problems, but problems such as time-off were not resolved.

Chairman Seo Jong-soo said, “In order for the agreement to bear fruit with meaning, it is necessary to re-create the Democratic Party’s government.


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