Kim Gun-hee’s ‘7-hour call’ report reins in the ruling party’s offensive

▲ MBC Straight Capture

The Democratic Party of Korea tightened the reins of the offensive against Yoon Seok-yeol the day before the 17th when the report of a ‘7-hour phone call’ of Kim Kun-hee, the spouse of presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, went out. MBC broadcasted a transcript of Kim and Lee Myung-soo, a reporter for the YouTube channel .

Kim Woo-young, spokesman for the Democratic Party’s election committee, said in a commentary, “Mr. Kim made a statement of intent to buy while mentioning a specific amount (100 million won) to a reporter.” . “If the views of the presidential candidate and his spouse are anti-human rights and anti-social, it becomes a problem,” Kim said.

A spokesperson for the party’s election committee, such as Nam Young-hee, also criticized, saying, “The people’s power is throwing away common sense and conscience in order to ‘save Kim Kun-hee’.” Spokesperson Nam said, “When asked whether Mr. Kim is playing a role in the campaign, he said, ‘Is there any camp where the candidate’s wife or family doesn’t even do that?'” What kind of presidential candidate’s wife is like that?” he asked.

At the election meeting held at the National Assembly this morning, Ku Hyuk-mo, head of the New Media Division of the People’s Party, said, “They are trying to bribe reporters with 100 million won, defending the Democratic Party’s sex offenders, and not only disparageing the party to which her husband belongs, but also insulting him. When I said that I was going to punish the negative media with power, I was shocked.”

On the other hand, it seems that the people’s power is defined as a “political operation” and is counterattacking. In a meeting with reporters after the election meeting at the National Assembly this morning, Kwon Young-se, head of the Election Countermeasures Headquarters, said, “This kind of political operation must be stopped.”

On the same day, the People’s Power indicted three people to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office: MBC’s legal representative, MBC Straight’s production team, Kang Jin-goo, reporter for Open Sympathy TV, TBS ‘Kim Eo-jun’s News Factory’ Kim Eo-joon and officials in the case of injunction against broadcasting filed by Kim Geon-hee against MBC on the same day. did. The Voice of Seoul CEO Baek Eun-jong, reporter Lee Myeong-soo, and Open Sympathy TV CEO Jeong Cheon-soo made a complaint to the police.

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