Jorge Iván Ospina proposes to debate the possibility of vaccination being a mandatory requirement

Mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina, Photo: Colprensa

Vaccination in the world has become a highly relevant issue, the reason is that in many countries, including Colombia, the question has arisen of how to increase vaccination and have 100% immunization against covid -19, because despite the time it continues to be a latent threat to the health system.

In the country, the most advanced measure to impact the issue has been the request for a card in public establishments, as well as in some events. At the beginning, the measure caused vaccination to rise by 3%, but currently, there is no longer any type of incidence. However, it should not be forgotten that Colombia has maintained a good level of people who have received the biological in the last 11 months.

In the midst of this situation, the mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina, assured on his official Twitter account that he understands the decision made by some countries to make anticovid vaccination mandatory. Therefore, he proposed to hold a debate in Colombia on this topic.

“I understand the decision taken in some countries to make the vaccination anticovid, under the argument of general well-being. It is good that the debate is moving forward in our country, it is inconceivable that some still do not respond to the calls we make,” Ospina wrote.

In an interview with different radio stations, the president broadened the subject and added that although he understands the importance of individual freedoms, he also understands the importance of public health and common well-being.

“It is sad that after a year that we have placed all the capacities of our Government to vaccinate people, people continue to advance the denial of the vaccine or due to negligence, lack of time, of responsibility, people do not go to get vaccinated”, indicated Ospina who called for people to have the necessary arguments to understand vaccination; and more so now that the country is going through a fourth peak of contagion and the figures are beginning to increase.

Although it is not a proposal that has been ruled out, it must be taken into account that with just the requirement of the card, different guardianships have been presented that have been won by the plaintiffs. This week the Constitutional Court rejected 14 lawsuits against the Decree 1408 of 2021, which requires the presentation of the vaccination card against covid-19 in public and leisure places.

According to the lawsuits filed with the Constitutional Court, the decree violated fundamental rights such as health and life, since “to date there are no indicators of effectiveness of the vaccine” and that the decision not to be vaccinated is individual and based on “Possible adverse effects that it can generate”.

Likewise, the lawsuits argue that the right to equality and to the free development of the personality of each person.

“The Colombian State acts in a discriminatory manner, with the sole desire to be able to achieve goals to achieve herd immunity, which does not apply to covid-19,” reads one of the documents.


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