Huancayo: pack of 30 dogs ends the life of a five-year-old boy

A tragedy took the Canturín Spirit family, who went to the banks of the Mantaro River, near the dump of the district of San Jeronimo de Tunan in Huancayo. They went to that place to wash their clothing and collect some waste from the area for later recycling, but they did not expect that a pack of 30 dogs would cross their path and attack their two little children aged 5 and 14.

The minors identified with the initials BJCE of five and MCAE of fourteen were surrounded by the animals simultaneously, but it was the youngest who suffered the worst consequences since the attacks left multiple wounds all over his body and a torn scalp. As much as the parents intervened, trying to keep the dogs away from their little ones, they continued to bite the minor’s body.

The parents stated that if they had gone to that place it was because their home did not have water or electricity to wash their clothes. After being notified of the misfortune, the authorities went to help the minors, who were transferred by the police from the San Jerónimo Police Station and a serenazgo mobile from San Agustín de Cajas to the medical center located in Concepción, later they were taken to The Carmen of Huancayo.

The girl has multiple wounds on her body and a possible amputation of the ear is being evaluated, due to the bites, she was hospitalized in the Pediatrics Area. The child has major complications and presents traumatized polycontusus, genital trauma, tearing of the scalp and will remain in the Intensive Care Unit due to the surgical interventions that will be applied to clean the wounds “said the director of the hospital Carmen, Luis Orihuela, hours before his death that occurred after 7:30 on January 16. The media also revealed that less than a month ago an older adult was the victim of an attack by the pack.

Huancayo: pack of 30 dogs ends the life of a five-year-old boy


It is not the first time that the presence of dogs in the streets of Huancayo has been reported. In August of last year, a resident of the Yanama neighborhood went to the local authorities to report that 30 dogs had taken over the streets of their town causing various accidents, including bites to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

The residents pointed out that with the passage of time the animals showed greater signs of aggressiveness, coming to savagely attack citizens who fell asleep in an open space located behind the Wanka Coliseum. On August 8, Ronald Gonzalo Macha, 36, was reportedly attacked by the pack. The man was found naked and later helped by the night watchmen in the area who took him to the Daniel Alcides Carrión hospital.

Another case was reported in April 2020, when the body of Jhon Matos Martínez (35) was found in the same vacant lot, the authorities determined that the body had multiple wounds caused by dog ​​bites. For his part, the manager of Public Services of Huancayo reported that if it is determined that the dogs have an owner, the case could be taken to the Public ministry for the crime of common danger.

According to a hospital report, in 2021 there were 25 cases of dog bites that they treated in minors. Zoonosis of the Mantaro Valley Health Network, reported that this year 2,500 dog bites were reported, of which 60% were stray dogs.


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