For Habeck, climate neutrality should not be a question of money

Therefore, companies should receive financial support in order to get out of the fossil energy supply in the long term. According to BDI estimates, a mid to high three-digit billion euro amount would be needed to make the German economy CO2-free by 20245. However, Habeck clearly emphasized on Tuesday that the traffic light coalition partners have agreed that as much money will be called as it takes to become climate-neutral.

Companies and industrial companies that are now converting towards climate protection should be supported. In order to prevent overfunding, the minister adds that contracts for difference should be used when setting up hydrogen production and transport infrastructure. These would offer the industry a reliable funding and investment framework, but at the same time would not lead to a further burden on taxpayers if hydrogen became more marketable.

Energy transition begins in Brussels

The industry is regularly concerned not only with the question of costs, but also with the security of supply. Here, Habeck clearly backed gas-fired power plants as a transitional technology, which, however, should be ready for the use of hydrogen by 2030 at the latest. The EU taxonomy can be an important lever for private sector investments here, stressed Habeck.

Eon boss Leonhard Birnbaum praises the climate protection plans of the new federal government, but many things in Habeck’s opening balance sheet are still too vague, especially when it comes to setting up and expanding the network infrastructure in connection with hydrogen. The manager sees the greatest need for action in reducing bureaucracy and over-regulation. The specifications for the definition of green hydrogen are exaggerated and impractical if you really want to achieve a market ramp-up. He also criticized the current design of the EU taxonomy for gas power plants. Germany would have done far too little on the European level to launch investments in this bridging technology quickly and unbureaucratically. The energy transition begins in Brussels, where Germany needs to think much more European. (lm)

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