Environment and agriculture: solidarity and departure

Status: 01/18/2022 2:20 p.m

Much should be improved in agricultural policy – Environment Minister Lemke and Agriculture Minister Özdemir announced a “departure” for this. A “new alliance” of the ministries should also benefit consumers.

By Claudia Plass, ARD Capital Studio

Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke and Federal Minister of Agriculture Cem Özdemir want to realign agricultural policy in Germany together. The Green politician Lemke said at the start of the agricultural congress that the government had started as a progressive alliance, for justice, freedom and sustainability – and for a climate-neutral, sustainable future. A new beginning is now also to be initiated in agriculture.

Claudia Plaß
ARD Capital Studio

“This agricultural congress is intended to mark the beginning of a new strategic alliance between the environment and agriculture,” said Lemke. “We agree, we want a reorientation of agricultural policy that benefits our environment, nature and climate protection, which benefits farmers and consumers.”

Fewer pesticides and more biodiversity

Among other things, Lemke wants to reduce the use of pesticides in agriculture. In addition, the climate protection function of forests and moors, for example, is to be strengthened in order to stop the loss of biodiversity.

Agricultural policy: Congress on the restructuring of agriculture

Nadine Bader, ARD Berlin, daily news at 12:00 p.m., January 18, 2022

In the coalition agreement, the traffic light parties have agreed on a corresponding action program, and Lemke wants to present the first key points by Easter.

Agriculture and environment – only together

Her party colleague Cem Özdemir also underlined how important cooperation between agriculture and the environment is to him:

“Because only together with agriculture you can achieve more for the environment, more for biodiversity. The time is ripe to finally reconcile agriculture, nature, environment and climate protection. No house can do this alone, it only works if we both work closely together.”

According to Özdemir, a kind of family friendship between the two ministries should now be established. He also said that with a view to the past legislative period, in which there had always been conflicts between the SPD-led environment and the CDU-led agriculture ministry.

It should be better for farmers, animals and the environment

Özdemir wants to work for better framework conditions, both for farmers and for the animals kept and for the environment. A secure and good income for farmers must be guaranteed, as well as healthy food for everyone.

A broad alliance that advocates the restructuring of the agricultural industry wants to take to the streets in Berlin again this weekend. Representatives of the organization “We’re fed up” explained that the goal must be a change towards more climate protection and justice. Greenpeace is also one of the organizers.

Agricultural expert: New beginnings instead of a reform backlog

Agricultural expert Martin Hofstetter criticized that the existing system had been retained in recent years and that there was now a backlog of reforms.

He called for a new agricultural policy: “What we need is an agricultural policy with a clear compass, with fresh ideas, with assertiveness that makes our agriculture sustainable and solves problems instead of sitting them out. We need a fresh start – especially in the Ministry of Agriculture. “

Hofstetter announced that the new agriculture minister would be treated just as critically as his predecessor.

Lemke and Özdemir want to realign agricultural policy

Claudia Plaß, ARD Berlin, 18.1.2022 · 13:32


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