Djokovic must be vaccinated if he wants to compete in Spain, says government spokesman

MADRID, Jan 18 (Reuters) – Tennis star Novak Djokovic should be vaccinated against COVID-19 if he wants to compete in Spain, a government spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

“What Mr. Djokovic has to do is get vaccinated. It would be the right thing to do,” said Isabel Rodr√≠guez at a press conference when asked if the world tennis number one could compete in Spain after his expulsion from Australia for not being vaccinated .

Djokovic regularly travels to Spain, where he owns a house in the southern town of Marbella. He spent a few days there in late December and early January, and video footage showed him training there. (Report by Emma Pinedo and Inti Landauro, translated by Tom√°s Cobos)

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