DFB Cup: HSV beats Cologne on penalties

Status: 01/17/2022 9:30 p.m

1. FC Köln missed their great chance of reaching the quarter-finals against Hamburger SV in the DFB Cup and were eliminated by the second division team after a curious penalty kick.

Robert Glatzel gave Hamburg the lead in the second minute of extra time on Tuesday evening (01/18/2022). Cologne’s top scorer Anthony Modeste saved the Bundesliga side seconds before the final whistle (120th) with a penalty kick in a penalty shoot-out.

HSV had the upper hand there after Florian Kainz was the last Cologne shooter to convert, but slipped away when the shot was taken and thus illegally had two ball contacts. Referee Daniel Schlager therefore ruled the penalty kick a miss.

Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart had changed his team significantly and, among other things, offered a completely new offensive series. Kingsley Schindler, Dejan Ljubicic and Jan Thielmann got their chance from the start, alongside Ondrej Duda and Florian Kainz top scorer Anthony Modeste initially stayed on the bench.

Cologne chances overexploitation

FC started with a lot of momentum even without their goalgetter. Modeste’s second-in-command Sebastian Andersson had the first good opportunity after eight minutes, but his header was denied by goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes.

After 20 minutes, the HSV keeper almost gave Cologne the lead when he unnecessarily botched the ball in his own penalty area. Mark Uth had a clear path, but hesitated too long and didn’t put the ball in the box.

The Hamburgers were only able to come into dangerous action shortly before the break, this time favored by a lack of concentration in Cologne’s defence: Robert Glatzel was left completely alone at first, but he put the ball over the box from close range without being pressed. Shortly before the half-time whistle, Moritz Heyer almost ran over the entire Cologne cover, the post saved for the already beaten keeper Marvin Schwäbe.

Modeste comes in the second half

The second division side kept the game balanced in the second half as well, but Cologne was careless about their chances: Two minutes after the restart, Thielmann was unable to get the ball past Heuer Fernandes after a free-standing cross from Kingsley Ehizibue. Shortly thereafter, Andersson missed the next big opportunity with his head – and had to give way to Modeste after almost an hour.

After a corner by Uth, Cologne’s most successful goalscorer almost struck again – Heuer Fernandes fended off Modeste’s header with a brilliant act.

Glatzel scores in extra time, Modeste with a last-minute goal

But Hamburg also had the decision in the regular game on the foot: After a free kick by Sonny Kittel five minutes before the end, Heyer put the ball on the outside post from an acute angle – the second goal from aluminum by the Hamburg full-back.

The game went into overtime, and after 120 seconds HSV was rewarded for its courageous performance: Glatzel’s accomplished Kittels thought about the preparation from close range with a header to take the lead. At the other end, Heuer Fernandes snuffed out another great Cologne chance when he superbly parried Thielmann’s shot. FC kept the pressure, but were also unsuccessful in the end – until HSV captain Sebastian Schonlau held on to Modeste’s shirt during the last Cologne attack and the FC goalscorer saved his team on penalties.

Kainz with bad luck in the penalty shootout

In the penalty shoot-out, Salih Özcan was the first Cologne shooter to fail, but immediately afterwards FC keeper Schwäbe saved against Kittel. all penalties were then taken – until substitute Florian Kainz slipped away as the last Cologne shooter to take the shot. Kainz still put the ball in the box, but the goal was annulled: Kainz illegally touched the ball twice when shooting.

Cologne goes to Bochum, HSV receives St. Pauli

Cologne continues in the Bundesliga next Saturday (6:30 p.m.) with the game at VfL Bochum. HSV has to play in the second division on Friday evening (6.30 p.m.) in the eagerly awaited derby against leaders St. Pauli.

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