Despite accusations, AMLO defended the appointment of Pedro Salmerón as the new ambassador to Panama

In the morning conference, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was questioned about the complaints against Pedro Salmerón.

On January 17, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (WED) announced a series of appointments for representations of Mexico abroad, however, one of the names on the list, Pedro Salmeron, detonated controversy after the public complaints that the professor would have against him for sexual harassment.

Questioned for this, the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) denied that there is any legal and formal complaint, so he asked do not overtake the accusations and wait for “evidence to be presented”.

“As far as I understand, there is no formal and legal complaint. We have to wait for evidence to be presented.”

It should be noted that some of the victims, to whom the doctor in History from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (ONE) would have attacked, are part of the self-proclaimed Fourth Transformation (4T) – Movement promoted and defended by Andrés Manuel himself.

Veloz charged that Salmerón had influences that hindered the proceeding of the complaints. (Photo: Instagram/@estefaniavloz)

According to the testimony of Stephanie Speedy, ex-militant of Morena, yes a harassment complaint was filed within the political party 2017: In the claim, it was stated that Salmerón was protected by “his important friends”.

“It turns out that in all the states he visited during -the- campaign he harassed and insulted (publicly) those who rejected him,” he said.

Despite this, the president limited himself to to recognize the work that the historian has developed for the studies on Pancho Villa: “He is a first rate historian (…) A very prepared people”, he commented in his morning conference.

While, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, head of the SRE, did not issue a statement on the matter even though the feminist activist had urged him to reconsider the appointment through his account. Twitter the same day it was announced.

“Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, you decriminalized abortion in Mexico City and have always been a great ally of the feminist movement, so I hope you will reconsider the appointment of Pedro Salmerón, who has multiple complaints of sexual harassment that have been made public.”

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