Delivery union “Chairman Lee Jae-hyun decides to talk”

▲ Reporter Go-eun Eo

As CJ Logistics did not respond by the deadline for the official dialogue proposed by the National Delivery Service Union (Chairman Jin Kyung-ho), the union said, “Rejection of dialogue is impossible without the direction and approval of the head of the chaebol. do,” he urged.

The union held a press conference in front of the CJ Group headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 17th and said, “As a last resort to prevent the Lunar New Year’s delivery crisis, we will act to negotiate directly with Chairman Lee Jae-hyun.” The union said in a press conference on the 14th that it would talk with CJ Korea Express regardless of time and place. The union proposed a deadline of 1 p.m. that day, but when no response was received, the union announced that it would raise the level of struggle.

The union will move the fasting farm growth to the home of Chairman Lee Jae-hyun in Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu, in front of the Democratic Party of Korea in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. On the 18th, about 2,000 union members of the CJ Logistics Headquarters fight in business. They plan to hold rallies all over Seoul, including Chairman Lee’s home, and hold campaigns such as a one-man protest on the Han River Bridge. Lotte, Hanjin, Post Office, and Rosen Co., Ltd. have also requested measures to suspend receipts in some areas where shipments may surge due to a strike by courier workers of CJ Logistics. An official from the union explained, “Lotte and Post Office delivery services are suspending receipts, and Hanjin’s position is to limit the amount of delivery.” It is also said that Rosen Courier is preparing a plan in response to the increase in volume.

Chairman Jin Kyung-ho warned, “If no measures are taken to suspend reception, union members will have no choice but to ‘stop delivery to live’ from the 18th.

On the afternoon of that day, the union post office headquarters (Chief Yoon Joong-hyun) held a press conference in front of the Cheongunhyoja-dong Community Service Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul and said, “The post office does not carry out individual sorting (sorting work) properly, so courier workers are still performing sorting work.” The 15 leaders, including the one, are going into hunger strike.” Immediately after the resolution meeting, about 200 union members marched from the Cheongunhyoja Community Center to the front of the Government Complex in Seoul.

The union and the Korea Post are still running parallel to the issue of payment of sorting fees. According to the union, as a result of receiving a legal review by a law firm recommended by the Postal Service Headquarters, Logistics Support Group, and Delivery Labor Union, the opinion that the fee should be paid and the opinion that it should not be paid came out 2 to 2. The Board of Audit and Inspection recently rejected the application for the Postal Service Division on the grounds that it was not subject to prior consulting.

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