Controversy over dismissal of irregular workers for ‘violating collective agreement’

Controversy has arisen when the Supreme Court dismissed a court security officer, a ten-year public official, after two years of service. It is argued that this is in violation of a collective agreement with the court headquarters of the National Public Officials’ Union to resolve the status anxiety of irregular workers and improve their treatment.

The court headquarters held a press conference in front of the Supreme Court in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 17th and urged the court to “remove the unfair dismissal of irregular public officials.”

Court security officers are tenure public officials responsible for maintaining court order and protecting government buildings. He was called a legal inspector when he was only in charge of maintaining legal order, but in 2006, he changed his name while working together to maintain order and protect the government building. The status was also changed from a public official in special service to a full-time public official in 2020.

Recruitment of tenure civil servants worked against the backdrop of a 2019 collective agreement between the Supreme Court and the Court Headquarters. At the time of the conclusion of the collective agreement, the court labor and management added a joint declaration stating that the status and treatment of special security officers, professional stenographers, and general-term household investigators would be improved. It also included content to make it easier to transition to a general job.

Specialized security management personnel, who had to pass the job performance evaluation after working for 10 years to become a full-time 9th grader, were hired as permanent public servants from 2020. After working for 5 years, he was given an opportunity to convert to a full-time job.

Mr. Park, in his 20s, was hired as a court security officer in January 2020. Before hiring, he worked as an intern at the Uijeongbu District Court as a court security officer. After working for five years, the court notified him of dismissal on December 17, last year, saying, “The contract will end on the 30th of this month.” The Court Administration Office explained to the court headquarters where the inquiry was made, the reason for the poor working attitude. An official from the court headquarters said, “He said that he had a bad working attitude, but he was sincere when he heard the evaluations around him, and the court administration did not even go through the vindication process.” The union, who failed to inform them that the contract is being made, is also making a mistake.” When the news of the dismissal became known, all of Park’s former colleagues, the Uijeongbu District Court’s court security officers and their motives, filed a petition with the Court Administration Office. The purpose is to rescue Mr. Park, who works responsibly and diligently. But the petition did not prevent the dismissal.

The court headquarters argued that the dismissal of non-regular public officials violated the 2019 collective bargaining agreement. The headquarters urged, “The court administration should withdraw the unfair dismissal that completely destroys a person’s life.”

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