British Prime Minister under criticism: Johnson continues to put up resistance

As of: 01/18/2022 4:47 p.m

Controversial parties, controversial laws – British Prime Minister Johnson is currently being criticized almost incessantly. He tries to smooth things over with excuses, but they are no longer accepted by everyone.

For British Prime Minister Boris Johnson things are getting tricky in many ways. The criticism of parties during the Corona lockdown in their own country and controversial legislative projects is getting louder. But Johnson doesn’t want to know anything about a resignation and continues to put up resistance.

The latest allegations against the Prime Minister come from his former adviser Dominic Cummings and again relate to a garden party said to have taken place in May 2020 at Government House Downing Street. At that time Great Britain was in a strict lockdown due to the high number of corona infections.

Did Johnson lie – or not?

According to Cummings, he himself and at least one other advisor had warned Johnson’s private secretary at the time that such a celebration would not comply with the applicable corona requirements. However, Johnson agreed to the party. The Prime Minister’s claim that he was unaware of the violations because he thought it was a staff meeting was therefore a lie.

Cummings resigned from his advisory post in November 2020 and has since become a harsh critic of Johnson. He had repeatedly criticized the head of government for alleged mistakes in corona policy.

It sounds very different from Johnson’s side: Nobody informed him at the time that there was a risk of a violation of corona measures. And no, he did not lie with his statements in the British Parliament. But he apologizes for “any wrong decisions”.

Said garden party is not the only celebration that is currently causing massive allegations against the prime minister. According to media reports, there was also a Christmas party in Downing Street in 2020 – despite the current contact restrictions. And also in April of the following year there should have been a celebration – on the eve of the funeral of Queen Consort Prince Philip. Johnson has officially apologized for this party.

According to British media, Johnson also wants to draw consequences from the affair about the parties. He is therefore planning a sweeping attack in his own government team, which could also result in layoffs.

BBC becomes a dispute

The BBC had also reported on Johnson’s “Partygate”. Shortly thereafter, on Monday, Johnson responded by announcing a plan by his government to cut contributions to the station and freeze government subsidies.

For the opposition, a clear sign that Johnson wants to silence critics. However, the prime minister had already announced in 2019 that he wanted to revise the system of contribution payments for the BBC.

Several legislative projects in the criticism

However, it is not just the alleged parties at the seat of government that are currently getting the head of government in trouble. Several legislative projects are also causing political controversy. There is the reform of the “Judicial Review and Courts Bill”, which, according to critics, restricts or even suspends the right of the judiciary to examine the legality of government decisions.

Another point of contention: the planned withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights in order to avoid the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. And then there are the stricter laws on migration that Home Secretary Priti Patel wants to push through and which greatly reduce the right of migrants who have entered the country illegally to have the right to stay in Great Britain.

Opposition fears encroachment on freedom of demonstration

The reformed police law envisaged by Johnson’s government also fits into this list. This should enable the police to stop protests if, for example, they cause too much noise pollution or block important traffic routes. For the opposition, this is a clear encroachment on the freedom to demonstrate.

“These are draconian laws that represent a comprehensive attack on our democracy,” warned Green MP Jenny Jones during Monday evening’s debate in the British House of Lords. Several points of the reform were clearly rejected there. In the dispute over the reform, there is now a risk of back and forth between the Upper and Lower Houses, in which Johnson’s Tories have a clear majority.

But support for the prime minister is also shaky within his own ranks. The opposition is already calling for Johnson’s resignation, and several Tory MPs have already called for a vote of no confidence in Johnson.

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