Boris Palmer does not stand for the Greens in the Tübingen mayoral election

Tübingen Mayor Boris Palmer will not be running for the Greens in the upcoming mayoral election in the fall. He explains this in a letter to the Tübingen Greens.

Boris Palmer will not face the primary election in April, with which the Tübingen Greens want to identify their candidate. So writes Palmer. One reason is the beginning party order proceedings against him. As a party mayor candidate, you cannot be both: nominated and excluded.

Boris Palmer does not vote for the Tübingen Greens


But he was very touched that last week more than 500 Greens spoke out in favor of him remaining in the party, the letter continues.

“Unfortunately, the state board has not reacted further to this. The exclusion procedure should now, after eight months of impasse, actually be initiated. Any chance of ending it in any way before we set the course for the mayor election in Tübingen is gone past.”

Palmer’s mayor candidacy still open

Palmer himself declined to comment further on the letter on Tuesday. It remains open whether he will stand as an independent candidate in the October election. Opposing candidate would probably be Ulrike Baumgärtner. The chairwoman of the Greens district parliamentary group and mayor of Tübingen-Weilheim has already stated that she wants to run for the Greens in the mayoral election.

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