Andrea Llosa confesses that “it would be nice” to return to her husband and clarifies that she was not unfaithful with Salim Vera

Andrea Llosa returns with a new season of Andrea y Nunca más. (Photo: ATV)

This Tuesday, January 18, Andrea Llosa gave a press conference where he gave details about the return of Andrea Y Never more, spaces that return renewed. In addition, he was allowed to talk about other professional and personal issues, such as his separation, Magaly Medina And till Salim Vera.

with the slogan “Ask what you want”, a simple and jovial Andrea Llosa started the press conference, where Infobae was also present.

“On Sunday, January 30, we return with Never Again, with season 11. I find it incredible how much time has passed. We return happy to start with everything, with that sense of justice that moves us. These two shows make me very proud and excited. Monday January 24 with Andrea, with a strong and powerful story that will have a closure and a solution. And never again with new scenery, at 8:30 at night”, indicated an emotional Andrea Llosa.

One more year you have the difficult task of carrying out a program in the midst of the pandemic. How do you take on this challenge?

With responsibility and with a lot of fear too. It’s a global thing but we have to go on and on. We are going to continue with the usual protocols, now they have to go with the complete vaccines. People know that they must be vaccinated, they have different dressing rooms. My producer Jimena has taken it upon herself that everyone should have a space, that’s why we moved to Barranco, so that each guest has a place: psychologists, researchers, lawyers, and more. The same thing happens in Nunca más and Andrea, the two programs together because we are a lot of people. The idea is to take care of us all as always.


Are there quarrels with Magaly Medina? She has openly complained about the times you have touched on characters from the show business…

I’m not interested in what Magaly thinks, I’m not interested in what anyone says unless they’re my producer or part of the program’s environment, honestly, I’m free to touch on the topics I think are convenient. I am not aware of what Magaly says or says, she can say whatever she wants, she is free to do so. And if it bothers you, well, it bothers you, what can I do? Everyone owns what they feel and what they think. And I have no grudge, to clarify.

What’s more, I work in Barranco, where Combate was, and she works in San Isidro. So I never cross her, and if that happens I would greet her normally, as I have done at some point. I feel that from what she can say, one begins to imagine things that are not. I haven’t seen her in a long time. There are no quarrels, zero.

Magaly Medina and Andrea Llosa are ATV drivers.  (Photo: Capture ATV)
Magaly Medina and Andrea Llosa are ATV drivers. (Photo: Capture ATV)


A few days ago you confessed that you had gone out with had gone out with Salim Vera…

I don’t know why, sometimes I regret the things I do (laughs). I came up with this quiz game because I haven’t interacted with the people who follow me on Instagram in a long time. I was just having free time, I was already going to work and I said I’m going to start with the questions. In all honesty they asked me if I had dated Salim, and I said ”Haha, yes”. It’s true, but that was more than 20 years ago, in fact I didn’t know my husband there, we dated for a while, a few months. I remember it very fondly, but suddenly it turns out that I ended up being unfaithful to my husband with Salim. It came out everywhere (the media), I was scared, horrified, I even showed it to my children. I haven’t seen Salim since Mathías Brivio got married, I think 15 years ago, I was married.

He posted a news about this issue on his Instagram story…

I haven’t seen him for a long time. As a result of this publication, we actually communicated laughing. And he posts because he is like that, he is a sarcastic person and he plays with that, you already know him. He posted one of the posts that had come out, and he wrote to me, we talked and laughed. We said, “crazy, how can people say this”. I’m not dating Salim at all. As I say, this was 20 years ago. We remember each other fondly, just that. It’s part of my past, it’s not like my husband was the only man in my life.

Andrea Llosa makes a confession on social networks.  (Photo: Instagram)
Andrea Llosa makes a confession on social networks. (Photo: Instagram)


Andrea Llosa highlighted the good relationship she has with her still husband despite being separated. In addition, he pointed out that it is not in his plans to divorce.

They are a clear example that they can have good communication despite being separated…

We have worked together for a long time. ‘Never again’ we did it together between drinks, we talked about it, he accompanied me throughout this project. Then Andrea started, and he dedicated himself to La Casa del Amor (Psychological Center they have together) which is doing very well. We have to get along, in reality we have never gotten along badly, he has been my best friend.

We understand that these things (separating) can happen to us, and our children are teenagers who are growing solid and understanding that these things happen. Life is not perfect.

Their good relationship indicates that they will return…

Do you believe? (laughs). It’s 17 years, we have a beautiful relationship, we don’t hate each other or we had a toxic relationship. Maybe at some point (we’ll come back), it would be nice, I don’t know. They would have to ask him, it is good that she is a strong woman, but I cannot decide everything myself. It’s better if I don’t talk anymore (between laughs).

Magaly Medina sympathized with you when you separated. Did you believe him?

Of course I believed him, of course I did. He spoke that he was sorry, of course I believed him. I felt sincere and I feel sincere. I do think he said it from the heart, because there are kids involved, my children are already teenagers. I think a lot of people (are affected) by seeing a family that breaks up. Luchín (her husband) and I have always appeared in reports together, the day he asked me (marriage) in the snow. People have seen that I have had a solid family. How can you not be sorry? So I did believe him. Really, ah (with emphasis)

Andrea Llosa runs a project with her husband, La Casa del Amor, where she offers summer workshops for the empowerment of children and adolescents. “It is a psychological center, specialists in violence, toxic relationships, depression, anxiety and more. We are doing very well”, counted.


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