Al-Fateh manager on Christian Cueva: “He works hard and I want the best for our club”

Member of the Al-Fateh Football Commission tells Infobae about what Christian Cueva brings to his team | Photo: Al Fateh Press

The midfielder of the Peruvian team christian cave is loved and respected Al-Fateh, for the professionalism and work he does every day in the Saudi cast. I don’t say it, the workers of the Arab cast say it when you ask him about the ’10’ of the bicolor.

And it is that, since the arrival of christian cave Al-Fateh, the Peruvian played a total of 27 matches for the Saudi League and scored 12 goals in total. Those numbers have made them satisfied with his performance and they plan to renew him even if they haven’t talked yet.

Infobae Peru exclusively called Hassan Aljaber, member of the Board of Directors of the Al-Fateh Club and supervisor of the Saudi team, who spoke about what Christian Cueva brings to his team.

“First of all, I have to tell you that Christian Cueva is a wonderful person. He works hard and wants the best for our club in addition to his fantastic performance”, are the first words of Hassan Aljaber to Infobae exclusively.

And it is that, Hassan Aljaber is not only a manager, but his work is based on supervising the work of the Al-Fateh first team on a daily basis. Therefore, he is a person authorized to speak about Christian Cueva. “I work with the team on a daily basis and Cueva puts the positive atmosphere in the team and the winning philosophy,” he added.

Christian Cueva has a contract with Al Fateh until June 2023
Christian Cueva has a contract with Al Fateh until June 2023

He denied Boca Juniors and gave details of the plan they have with Christian Cueva

At another point in the interview, we asked Hassan Aljaber about what was being said about an option in Boca Juniors, to which the director of Al Fateh responded. “We have not received anything from the Boca Juniors club nor have we offered it,” the manager told Infobae exclusively.

In turn, he told a little that Al Fateh’s intention is for Christian Cueva to continue for many years in the Saudi institution. “His Cueva contract ends in June 2023. We want him for longer, but since there is still a year and a half left for his contract to end. That’s why we haven’t talked to him yet.”

Date of arrival of Cueva in Peru

However, Hassan Aljaber told Infobae that Christian Cueva will arrive in Peru next Saturday, January 22, to join the training sessions in Peru and face Colombia and Ecuador for the Qatar 2022 World Qualifiers. “The Peruvian Federation is very professional and helpful organizing the flights and sending the letters. So one can have knowledge of everything,” he added.

More compliments to Christian Cueva

“Cueva is a very positive and very mature player. Hopefully Christian Cueva will do very well in our next game. And it is that, we trust that it will do much better than the performance it had last year, ”said the Saudi manager.


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