1,000 platform workers receive support for health checkup and treatment

The Public Coexistence Solidarity Fund (Chairman Byung-Hoon Lee) and the Korea Platform Freelance Labor Mutual Aid Association (Chairman Dong-Man Kim) are starting a support project to provide health checkups to platform workers.

On the morning of the 17th, the two sides signed a business agreement at the meeting room of the Public Coexistence Solidarity Fund in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and decided to work together on a platform and atypical worker health promotion project. According to the Central Research Institute of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions, 16.4% of delivery workers and 21.6% of surrogate drivers had undergone a health checkup. This is the result of a fact-finding survey conducted on 500 platform workers last year.

According to the business agreement, the Mutual Aid Association supports health checkups for platform workers. The Public Coexistence Solidarity Fund will donate 100 million won for the project. Health checkups are conducted through business trip checkups and base hospitals in consideration of the platform worker environment with large fluctuations in the work area. In cooperation with Yonsei University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, we provide customized health checkups considering the characteristics of each job type. For example, delivery workers are provided with special examinations for musculoskeletal disorders.

If it is determined that treatment is necessary during the examination, medical expenses are subsidized. Through this project, both sides plan to build a medical network and management model for platform workers’ health management. Chairman Lee Byung-hoon said, “Following the platform worker treatment cost support project in 2021, we are starting a health checkup support project for platform workers this year. We will spare no effort to support you,” he said. Chairman Kim Dong-man said, “With this project, we will provide a first health checkup to about 1,000 atypical workers and support a second detailed checkup when abnormalities are found. It will also be able to contribute to discovering a policy agenda to complement the system.”


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