Zuluaga and Miguel Uribe responded to Claudia López: ‘Bogotanos pay her to work’

The mayor, Claudia López, has been the target of criticism for her statements against Uribism. Photos: private archive

The announcement of the candidatel Democratic Center, Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, going alone to the first presidential round caused a stir among various political sectors. Despite the attempts to establish dialogues, the main card of Uribismo ruled out an alliance with the Team for Colombia and so he made it known during a “conclave” in Barranquilla, which was led by the former president, Alvaro Uribe.

One of the main reactions was that of the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, who branded the party’s determination as a “strategy of deception” through her Twitter account: “Do they really think we’re that stupid? Does anyone believe that only Zuluaga is Uribe’s? The strategy of deception has always been his hallmark. Take out the deceived and emberracada people”.

Similarly, the president of the country’s capital said that the Democratic Center will seek all possible alternatives to stay in power. “After 20 years of abuse, corruption and attrition, knowing that its final decline is near, Uribe and Uribismo will do everything to cling to power and to discredit and try to overthrow the majority of citizens that we defeated them since 2019″, concluded this Sunday, January 16.

His comments, in addition to causing ideological disputes, also aroused criticism among several users, who branded it as being participating in politics.

In context: Claudia López is criticized for her trills against Uribism

After the mayor’s statements, Óscar Iván Zuluaga himself spoke through his Twitter account, and pointed out to the mayor that she was busy with other matters instead of attending to the needs of Bogotá:

“If Claudia López used the time and energy that she puts into Twitter in her management, perhaps her work would become regular. Bogotans pay their salary to work, not to engage in politicking on social media”, he assured.


After an hour, Miguel Uribe Turbay, candidate for the Senate of the Republic for the Democratic Center, confirmed that, during this week, file a formal complaint with the Registrar against López for participation in politics. He added: “Not this time. No more! Claudia has finished Bogotá and insists on committing illegalities”.


Among the criticisms against the president also appears the former councilor, Carolina Arbelaez, who urged the authorities to start an investigation for these statements on digital platforms. “This is how Claudia López improperly participates in politics, he campaigns his wife in front of him and gives his opinion as if she were a candidate. We need the Attorney General’s Office to put a tatequieto on this,” he asserted.


In the last hours, the mayor of Bogotá was also a trend for put and then unlock your Twitter account. With this action, which took place after the criticism against Uribism, the people who did not follow López could not access the contents of the profile. Although the blockade did not last long, no explanations for this particular fact have been known.

“The Mayor, in another demonstration of his talent, closes his twitter account by restricting access to what he posts. Restricts the right to information. She is a public figure, it is preferable that she cancel the account than restrict access to information,” said columnist and human rights defender David Ghitis.


Through digital platforms, an initiative began to circulate with which people are invited to sign López’s recall, considering that she is “destroying the city.” Under the name ‘Bogotá revokes’, citizens are being summoned in shopping malls, such as Unicentro Y The Hill Park, to carry out this procedure.


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