When is the supplementary budget bill processed? Giant bipartisan loincloth fight

▲ Capture of e-briefing

The Democratic Party and the People’s Power are foretelling a fierce battle over the timing of the National Assembly’s handling of the supplementary budget bill announced by the government.

The government announced on the 14th a supplementary budget plan based on providing 3 million won to small business owners and self-employed people whose sales decreased while following quarantine rules. 14 trillion won. The source is deficit treasury bonds. It is based on about 10 trillion won in excess tax revenue generated last year, but it can be used only after the settlement of accounts is completed. Therefore, the plan is to finance the deficit with government bonds that can be issued immediately. The government plans to formulate a supplementary budget this week and submit it to the National Assembly in the last week of January after it has been approved by the cabinet meeting.

Both parties agree to support small business owners and the self-employed. The question is when to apply. The People’s Power sees the supplementary budget plan before the election as a generous budget and insists on the supplementary budget after the election. Choo Kyung-ho, senior deputy floor leader of the People’s Power, said at a meeting on the 14th at the floor plan meeting, “The government and the Democratic Party of Korea have started to release money for ticketing. He said, “Even if it is an additional budget, it is only about organizing an effective supplementary budget after March 10 after the presidential election.”

The Democratic Party of Korea is targeting the passage of the supplementary budget bill on the 14th, before February 15th, the day of the presidential election campaign. The position is that now is the right time to organize a supplementary budget when small business owners and the self-employed are suffering due to the extension of the distance. In a phone call with Maeil Labor News on the 16th, Jo Oh-seop, floor spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Korea, said, “In March and April after the election, discussions will focus on the composition of the Presidential Takeover Committee, and the supplementary budget will be prepared in May or June.” “When there is a situation where it is possible to make an additional budget, it is necessary to quickly organize an additional budget to reduce the pain of the self-employed,” he said. Spokesperson Cho said, “The coefficient will be adjusted in the process of consultations between the party government and the opposition parties, and the opposition has no justification for opposition.”

Candidate Yoon met with reporters right after the resolution meeting held in Changwon on the 14th and said, “Our party and the Democratic Party of Korea should provide damage support to the self-employed and small business owners as soon as possible.” If the Democratic Party goes as planned, an extraordinary meeting will be held on February 3, right after the Lunar New Year, and the supplementary budget bill will be passed on the 14th.


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