Up to KRW 50 million paid for safety certification product development

The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency will support R&D expenses of up to KRW 50 million to companies that newly develop excellent safety certification products.

The Corporation announced on the 16th that it would implement a financial support project for manufacturers of dangerous machines, protective devices, and protective gear. This project, with a total investment of 575 million won, was prepared to encourage the development and distribution of excellent safety certified products. The target of support is workplaces that manufacture hazardous/hazardous machinery and protective devices and protective gear registered with the Corporation.

The Corporation will support up to 50 million won in expenses required for research and development of new products or new technologies by these workplaces that make safety products. The amount of support is up to 60% of the R&D cost and 50% of the test equipment purchase cost.

Priority will be given to those who develop safety-certified products using eco-friendly materials or products for the vulnerable, such as women. In order to receive support, you must submit the application documents by (e)mail to the Industrial Safety and Health Certification Institute of the Corporation by February 18th.

Last year, 15 manufacturers received 524 million won in support. The average cost per business is 470,000 won.

An official from the Corporation said, “The hard hat, developed with R&D funding support last year, applied for a patent as a ‘all-in-one face mask’ that can protect the entire face. It also contributed to overseas export and market development.”

Kim Young-tae, director of the Occupational Safety and Health Certification Institute, said, “I hope that excellent safety certification products will be made and the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers will improve.”


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