Unit for Victims will investigate inconsistencies denounced by the Comptroller

Victims Unit

Given the recent findings of the Comptroller General of the Republic that account for fiscal irregularities within the Victims Unit, the indicated entity assures that it has already begun to investigate the case. They indicate that they will review in detail the data exposed by the control entity and will contrast the information with their databases to prove if, in fact, the inconsistencies occurred.

In the event that what is stated by the Comptroller’s Office is proven, the Victims Unit promised to punish those responsible. Likewise, it is already contemplated to implement an improvement plan to avoid the diversion of resources and ensure clarity of information.

“It is in the process of reviewing the final report to establish possible weaknesses or inconsistencies in the information and that it will take the appropriate measures, if necessary. In case of finding weaknesses due to the alleged findings, an improvement plan will be formulated and immediately launched within the entity,” reported the Victims Unit on January 17.

According to the Comptroller, there are more than 692 million pesos at stake for these irregularities. The findings of the follow-up to the allocation of resources for the care and reparation of the victims show three main inconsistencies at the administrative level when making the transfers, which will have ongoing processes of fiscal responsibility. The inspection was carried out during the second half of 2021 for the periods from 2014 to 2020.

According to the delegated comptroller for the Post-Conflict, Juan Carlos Gualdrón, three main irregularities were identified, due to poor administrative management of the databases in which the transfers made to the victims are supported.

It was found that the Victims Unit is carrying out administrative acts to legalize the transfers that are made to the banks after having made the money transaction. That action, according to Gualdrón, constitutes an accomplished fact in terms of public contracting. That is to say, that a legal business was carried out that affected public resources that the requirements or budget appropriations have been met previously.

Likewise, deficiencies were found between the databases of the National Registry of Civil Status and the status of the beneficiaries in the Single Registry of Victims. For example, it was identified that transfers had been made to deceased persons, reported to the Registry, before the transaction was carried out.

The Comptroller’s Office warned that bank operators do not recognize payments on drafts made by the UARIV in the cases indicated in the fiscal report. In addition, there are also serious shortcomings in the identity verification processes of the beneficiaries, which causes discrepancies between the names and ID numbers of the beneficiaries of the transfers with the data of the victims.

“One of the most outstanding findings has to do with the inability of the UARIV to support administrative actions of its competence for long periods of time, causing a cut in the scope of fiscal control work and putting at risk the adequate control over its processes. and the management of public resources,” said the Comptroller

In total, nine administrative findings were established, of which five have a possible fiscal connotation for $692,746,490, there are eight with a presumed disciplinary incidence, seven are of a criminal nature, two for a request for a preliminary investigation for an estimated amount of $33,314,000, and one for the fiscal sanctioning administrative process.

The control entity will transfer the findings to the competent authorities as well as initiate the processes of fiscal responsibility for the more than 600 million pesos. It will also correspond to the Attorney General’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office to carry out the investigations corresponding to the other irregularities.


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