Two other relatives of the former president of Kazakhstan leave their positions after the crisis

Two other relatives of former Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev have left their positions in high places in the country, a new sign that the circle of the former leader who ruled the country for decades is being pushed aside after the violent unrest.

These announcements come two weeks after unprecedented riots rocked the country and prompted the government to call for a brief intervention by Russian troops to quell the demonstrations.

The protests, which began against the rise in liquefied gas, led to accusations of corruption against Nazarbayev.

Timur Kulibáyev, 55, one of the former president’s sons-in-law, announced in a statement that he is leaving his position as director of the powerful business group Atameken.

Kulibayev, who is considered one of the richest men in the country, is married to Dinara Kulibayeva, one of the 81-year-old daughters of the former ruler.

The couple controls the Halyk bank and also has assets in the strategic oil sector.

Another sign that the Nazarbayev circle is being purged is the departure from the government of former President Samat Abish’s nephew, who was ousted from his position in the powerful National Security Committee.

On Saturday, two other sons-in-law of the president had already been removed from their positions in energy companies and the government announced on January 8 the departure of an important ally of Nazarbayev, Karim Masimov, who headed the secret service and who was dismissed and accused of high treason.

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