They asked to investigate Mariana Rodríguez and Samuel García for “adopting” a baby

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The Network for Children’s Rights in Mexico (REDIM) requested investigate the influence Mariana Rodríguez and her husband Samuel García, governor of Nuevo León, after “adopt” a baby over a weekend.

Through a statement signed by Tania Ramírez Hernández, Executive Director, the non-governmental organization (NGO) expressed concern about this action, they mentioned that holder of the Office “AMAR a Nuevo León” extracted a 5-month-old boy from the DIF Capullos center, with disabilities, under the argument of a coexistence permit.

Through social networks, the couple began to share photos together with the baby, a situation that was identified as violent. For this reason, Redim assured that “a boy or girl in a DIF care center is per se a victim of previous violations of their rights”, for which he requested the intervention of the State to guarantee his protection.

Later, he highlighted his anguish due to the “excessive and unnecessary exposure of this child” and stressed that these images violated the protection of his identity, in addition to being used as political propaganda by the colors of Movimiento Ciudadano (MC), a political party that brought the current governor and his wife to office.

(Photo: Twitter/@rightinfancia)
(Photo: Twitter/@rightinfancia)

“Regardless of whether there could be an apparent humanitarian motivation behind these events, it is essential to remember that children and adolescents are holders of rights and that it is the obligation of the State, and their representatives, ensure these rights in the first place”, wrote the NGO.

Faced with this scenario, Redim recalled that Articles 68 and 80 of the General Law on the Rights of Girls and Boys prohibit the dissemination of images of children, especially when they are victims. “This baby is under the legal responsibility of the local DIF and precisely for this reason it cannot be exposed in any way, since it is re-victimized,” he warned.

The document published in the different social networks of the organization also demanded the assessment of the DIF-NL and the National DIF, since “the right to live in a family and the standards for the protection of children with special care needs are in this case obligations” of these instances.

“It will be very important to know what assessment is made from these instances on the protection of this child to live with a family, to not be re-victimized or used on a weekend to generate profits in terms of popularity and on monetized social networks. The revision of the adoption and visitation protocols will be crucial to verify that the norm has not been breached,” he requested.

(Photo: screenshot/Instagram)
(Photo: screenshot/Instagram)

Redim also called the State Human Rights Commission of Nuevo León to determine responsibility for Mariana Rodriguez and Samuel Garcia in the case, since they are officials who possibly affected the rights of the minor.

“We make a respectful and firm call to Mrs. Rodríguez, head of AMAR Nuevo León and to the Governor of the state of Nuevo León to act for the non-objectification of this child, nor of any other and another”, declared the organization.

Finally, he urged the the media and social network users to remember the text called Principles and guidelines for ethical reporting on people under 18 years of age, from UNICEF, who point out that “The dignity and rights of the child must be respected under all circumstances (…) to be protected from harm and retaliation – actual or potential. The child’s superior interest must prevail over any other factor, including lobbying on children’s issues and the promotion of their rights”.


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