Restrictive distance rules block 7000 MW of wind power capacity

Thanks to a new, more precise calculation method, there was a breakthrough in the conflict between air traffic control and wind power expansion in 2021, so that ultimately 200 projects could be approved, but only Doppler rotary radio beacons can be included in the calculation method; it does not apply to older radio systems. In addition, with ten to 15 kilometers, Germany is still one of the countries with the strictest distance radii.

For comparison: in Spain there is a radius of only three kilometers to rotary radio beacons. The BWE demands and estimates that there must be a quick clarification, especially in the areas that have been clearly identified in the planning: “In the short term, between four and five GW of additional capacity can be made possible here. This requires direct coordination between the transport, defense and economy ministries involved. These are “low-hanging fruits” that can quickly get the energy transition back on track. If pragmatic solutions for the implementation of wind energy projects can also be found within the test areas, this number can be further increased,” continues Hermann Albers, President of the BWE. A total of 141 people from twelve federal states took part in the survey. (lm)

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