Prevention of workplace bullying is also ‘polarized’

After the enforcement of the Labor Standards Act, which banned workplace bullying, the overall experience of workplace bullying decreased, but it was found that vulnerable workers experienced more.

Workplace Gapjil 119 and the Public Coexistence Solidarity Fund announced on the 16th the results of a survey on workplace bullying among 1,000 office workers from the 3rd to the 10th of last month through the opinion polling agency Embrain Public.

28.5% of respondents answered that they had experienced workplace bullying. It was 16 percentage points lower than the survey results (44.5%) conducted in October of the same year after the enforcement of the law on July 16, 2019.

However, it was different for low-wage, female, and workplace workers with fewer than five employees. Although 57.5% of respondents said that bullying has decreased since the enforcement of the law, only 46.0% of workers earning less than 1.5 million won a month said that it decreased. Women answered that the number decreased by 50.1%, and the number of workers at workplaces with fewer than five employees decreased by 51.6%. The number of workers earning more than 5 million won a month decreased by 71.4%, men by 63.2%, and by public institutions by 68.7%.

They also had relatively little experience in workplace bullying prevention education. 50.7% of all respondents answered that they received training at work. However, only 29.8% of non-regular workers, 21.7% of workers at workplaces with fewer than 5 workers, and 18.5% of workers earning less than 1.5 million won a month answered that they had experience in education. Compared to regular workers (64.7%), public institutions (68.0%), workers at workplaces with 300 or more workers (76.5%), and workers with monthly wages of 5 million won or more (85.0%), the gap was large.

A worker who works at a workplace with fewer than 5 employees said, “There have been several times when the boss swears ‘I will kill you’ and swears ‘Hey, you bastard’ and approaches and threatens me several times.” He made me write the apology several times because I made a mistake, and threatened not to leave him alone, saying that this floor was not narrow.”

Attorney Doo-seop Kwon (119 at work Gapjil) said, “Businesses with fewer than 5 employees, special employment non-regular workers, and primary office workers who are in the blind spot of workplace bullying should also be subject to the Workplace Harassment Prohibition Act. We need education,” he said.

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