Police body was found decapitated in Tenancingo, State of Mexico

The body was recognized by the victim’s wife (Photo: EFE/Francisco Guasco)

An element of the Municipal police from Joquicingo, State of Mexico, was found decapitated on a paved road in a town in the municipality of Tenancingo, an entity adjacent to the municipality from which he originated and where he worked.

The Secretariat of Security of the State of Mexico (SSEM) reported that the body of Francisco Javier Sanchez Embriz was found by residents of Saint Anthony Holy Water, who notified the local authorities of the discovery.

After being alerted to the presence of the decapitated body, elements of the Municipal Police went to the scene to secure and cordon off the area, after which personnel from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) came to carry out the removal of the body.

After being transferred to the Forensic Medical Service, the body of the police was recognized by his wife, who confirmed that he was not working at the time of his death, as the Joquicingo police maintained.

The FGJEM asked the population to help find those guilty of the murder (Photo: File)
The FGJEM asked the population to help find those guilty of the murder (Photo: File)

SSEM authorities condemned the act, which they described as a “cowardly attack for which comrade Francisco Javier Sánchez Embriz lost his life, attached to the third grouping of Joquicingo, and will assist the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM), in order to identify those possibly involved, ”said a statement released by the agency.

The Edomex prosecutor’s office called on the residents of the area to provide information that leads to the capture of those responsible for the homicide committed with extreme violence, as he assured that any indication or report by the civilian population will be well received by the authorities.

From January 1, 2021 to December 16 of the same year they were murdered 47 policemen in the Mexico state, which places the entity in the second place national among the states that commit the most murders of uniformed personnel, since only Guanajuato overcomes it, with 51 homicides.

According to organization data Common Cause, who collected data from journalistic publications, of the 47 murdered policemen, 16 belonged to municipal forces, 11 carried out investigative tasks in the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM), 11 belonged to the SSEM, three they were from police corporations of Guerrero, From They were members of the National Guard. From were not linked to any specific police force and one belonged to the Banking Police of Mexico City.

47 police officers were killed in Edomex in 2021 (Photo: EFE/ Str)
47 police officers were killed in Edomex in 2021 (Photo: EFE/ Str)

In events that occurred the same day, he was found in Toluca the lifeless body of a kidnapped woman last January 4; the body was inside a compact car, which was driven by a man who was arrested.

The remains found inside the car Seat Ibiza model red in the parking lot of a shopping center located on the street Paseo Tolocan, corner with October 28; the vehicle was owned by the victim, who disappeared in Mexico City.

After locating the vehicle, its driver, identified as Eduardo “N”, 23 years old He was questioned by state security elements, before whom he could not verify the legal possession of the car, for which he was arrested.

The driver of the vehicle was transferred to an office of the Public Ministry of Toluca, where he waits for his legal status to be determined, as he is accused of his alleged participation in the femicide that occurred earlier this month.


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