“Our app is used in quite a few areas”

Mr. Seitz, you have developed an app that can be used to record trees. What does a function like this bring me as a municipal utility?
Sebastian Seitz, co-founder of EineStadt: “With EineStadt we have developed software that makes it possible to efficiently manage public objects in a city digitally – trees can also be recorded with it. The clear presentation and processing of the data are only one feature of our app. Checking and caring for trees, for example, can also be done much more quickly and easily. Municipal utilities, building yards, water and sewage works, but also caretakers or other service providers now save a lot of time and effort when checking a wide variety of objects in public space with the help of EineStadt.”

“How does your app work?”
Seitz: “Our system is based on near-field communication. NFC chips are used for a large part of the objects to be checked, which can easily be attached to objects such as trees, but also to rubbish bins, street lamps, hydrants , shafts and Co. can be attached.

So much for the theory – the practice is then very simple in principle. Each inspector is equipped with a smartphone or tablet and only has to hold the device close enough to the NFC chip during his inspection. This automatically opens the input form and all information about the respective object. Defects and errors can then be documented on site simply by voice input or with a photo, activities are recorded completely and legally. Last but not least, pending orders can be assigned directly via the system – including to external users. Reading the chips on site always ensures that employees and companies were really at the object.

The NFC chips are extremely robust, weatherproof and do not require a battery. The chips can be attached to the objects by any employee as a screw chip, magnetic chip, sticker chip or on a cable tie – the process can take place practically and saves time during an inspection tour.

And also control-relevant areas, which cannot be easily chipped, can now be managed with EineStadt! Streets or green spaces, for example, are drawn directly as an area on the digital map and called up from there. If desired, positioning services running in the background on the smartphones can automatically ensure that the employees were actually on site. And of course there are many other practical functions in all areas.


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