North Korea continues missile testing despite sanctions

Status: 01/17/2022 04:55 a.m

The South Korean military said it was the fourth test this month. It was probably two short-range missiles. Just last Wednesday, the United States imposed further sanctions on North Korea.

Despite new US sanctions, North Korea continues its missile tests. Two rockets were fired from Sunan Airport in the capital Pyongyang east toward the sea, the South Korean Armed Forces General Staff said. It was believed to be a short-range ballistic missile.

UN resolutions prohibit the self-declared nuclear power North Korea from testing ballistic missiles, which, depending on the design, can also carry a nuclear warhead. At first it was unclear how far the rockets flew. It was the fourth missile test in the politically isolated country since the beginning of the year.

Response to US sanctions

Experts in South Korea suspect that the neighboring country wants to demonstrate military strength and prove its ability to launch missiles from different locations and platforms. On Friday, North Korea fired two missiles from a mobile launcher on a train headed toward the sea, Pyongyang said.

The test was considered a response to new US sanctions. On Wednesday, the US Treasury Department decided to take sanctions against five North Koreans accused of procuring goods for their country’s mass destruction and missile programs. In addition, the United States wants to enforce new sanctions against North Korea through the United Nations.

Already several tests in January

North Korea had already carried out a missile test on January 5 and on Tuesday of last week – according to its own statements with hypersonic missiles. With such weapons, a so-called hypersonic glide missile can be launched from a ballistic missile. Hypersonic weapons are difficult to intercept because of their high speed and maneuverability.

North Korea has declared itself a nuclear power. However, its status is unclear because of the negotiations on its nuclear weapons program. US negotiations with North Korea have been at a standstill for almost three years.

Again: North Korea fires two short-range missiles

Kathrin Erdmann, ARD Tokyo, 17.1.2022 7:05 a.m

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