“It was for wool and it came out shorn”: woman beat up thief who tried to steal her cell phone

This January 17, a video of a woman beating a thief went viral on social networks. As can be seen in the images, the young woman was walking and talking on the phone in a sector of the South highway, in the entrance to the municipality of Soacha, when a man, who was riding a bicycle, tried to steal his cell phone.

Despite the man’s threat, the victim had no fear and pounced on the thief, getting him off the bike and taking off his jacket to prevent him from escaping with his belongings. The criminal managed to flee thanks to the help of an accomplice who was observing the scene.

LThe Soacha Police authorities made a call to the woman to report the case and return the bicycle that she managed to take from the thief.

Adán Hernández, a community leader from Soacha spoke with City Tv, He highlighted the bravery of the young woman and narrated what happened to the television channel.

Highlight the courage of this woman, obviously backed by community support. Feeling that this is a territory where they work for citizen security and coexistence, what he does is pounce on this man and not only recover his cell phone, but also manage to take his bicycle and send him even without clothes

Colonel Juan Ramírez, commander of the Soacha Police, assured that the solidarity of the local people helped prevent the robbery from taking place.

“The solidarity of the people allows the fact not to be consumed. Currently, we are trying to identify both the victim and the aggressor, that is why we invite the citizen to come closer, to file a complaint and we will do our job”, he claimed

For now, some citizens of the sector ask for a greater presence of the Police to avoid this type of insecurity.

With more than 600 arrests, about 80 firearms, 160 white weapons, 8 kilos of confiscated drugs, the mayor of the city, Juan Carlos Saldarriaga, delivered the security balance in September.

The Secretary of Government, Danny Caicedo called on judges and prosecutors to be more rigorous with criminals since of the 600 arrests, only 44 were transferred to jail.

However, shoplifting has been reduced by 30% and personal injuries by 20%, thanks to the permanent control and surveillance operations carried out by the Government Secretariat in the company of the Police and the National Army.

Likewise, 10 establishments were partially closed for not complying with biosecurity protocols, three brothel houses were sealed for having minors inside, and four theft and micro-trafficking gangs were dismantled thanks to the work of the Police.

From 4:00 am until midnight, the joint work of the public force also allowed for a positive impact on security in the streets and public transport with the so-called ‘Guitar Plan’ to prevent thefts and fights.

The Secretary of Government, Danny Caicedo, mentioned that: “We are bringing security to every corner of the city and of the two corregimientos, we have strengthened our public force with an investment of close to $5,300 million.”

The complaint continues to be a vital tool to continue fighting crime, which is why the secretary asked the Soachunos to work hand in hand with the municipal administration and the Police to take care of security in the streets and that the vandals do not feel comfortable in the territory. .


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