“I don’t see any pension policy in the presidential election”

– The election is less than two months away. The position of presidential candidates seldom comes out about what to do with public pensions, which have a huge impact on people’s lives.

– On the 17th, the National Action for Strengthening Public Pension announced a proposal for public pension policy. The National Action has proposed 25 detailed pledges under five themes: △Ensuring appropriate salary △Expanding public pension coverage △Enhancing trust and publicity in the National Pension System △Strengthening the basic pension △Reinforcing the Retirement Pension System.

– The current national pension system is designed to guarantee 40% of pre-retirement income (40% replacement rate) if you pay insurance premiums for 25 years. The total amount of the public pension, including the basic pension and the national pension, is expected to average 860,000 won. It seems that it is not enough to spend a dignified old age.

– The National Action argued that the replacement rate should be raised to the level of 45-50%. The system that reduces the basic pension as the amount of national pension is higher should be revised. It is said that it could have the side effect of delaying joining the National Pension Service.

– People’s Action said, “The huge bipartisan parties and the strong candidates have not announced any official pension policies and are only focusing on winning votes. I did.

Daewoo E&C branch occupies the office of the Jungheung Group takeover group

– The Daewoo E&C branch of the construction companies union occupied the front of the office of the Jungheung Group takeover group.

– The branch issued a press release on the 17th and said, “Around 7 am on the same day, they occupied the front of the Jungheung group takeover office located on the 7th floor of the East Building of Daewoo E&C’s headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul and held a protest against entry. We withdrew from the construction headquarters,” he said.

– Jungheung Group was selected as the preferred bidder for the acquisition of Daewoo E&C in July last year. Last month, it signed a stock sale contract with KDB Industrial Bank to acquire a stake in Daewoo E&C.

– The branch requested an agreement on △ internal promotion of the CEO, △ prohibition of resale after acquisition, △ prohibition of asset sale, but the conflict intensified as Jungheung Group did not accept it.

– The branch said, “We cannot stand by and watch the Jungheung takeover group, which has been acting irrationally, claiming that it is impossible to reach an agreement because it has no legal authority, set up a residence at the Daewoo E&C headquarters and directly or indirectly intervenes in the management of Daewoo E&C. ” he emphasized.

“We will guarantee the ‘right to participate in care’ to overcome the low birth rate”

– A commitment has been made to ensure that everyone has the right to participate in care.

– Basic Income Party presidential candidate Oh Jun-ho announced at the National Assembly Communication Hall on the morning of the 17th that he promised at least 1.5 million won for childcare leave and a three-day holiday system as the core.

– He said that he would guarantee 100% of his salary for 6 months out of 1 year of parental leave and 90% of his salary for the remaining 6 months. The lower limit of parental leave benefits is 1.5 million won and the upper limit is 3 million won. It also proposed a plan to make employers obligated to take compulsory parental leave for men for at least six months.

– For three days a week holiday, the statutory working hours will be reduced to 32 hours a week, and overtime work will be limited to 6 hours. Annual paid leave is also extended to 30 days.

– There is also a proposal to replace the employment insurance with income insurance. The plan is to make the employment insurance, which can only be purchased by workers, into an insurance that can be purchased by anyone engaged in income-generating activities, and pay parental leave benefits here.

– Even if the feasibility is not discussed, it is a tailored direction for people who do not have the ‘right to care’ because they work for income. In fact, 63% of those who take parental leave are from companies with 300 or more employees, and only 5% of workers at workplaces with fewer than 5 take parental leave.


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