Highly flexible biometh plants: Industry sees need for action

However, it makes neither factual nor technically justifiable sense to limit the biomethane tenders to the so-called southern regions from 2022. “This prevents value creation in Germany and counteracts the important climate protection contribution of biomethane in the electricity and heat sector. This is all the more incomprehensible given that Germany will miss its climate targets in the heating sector,” explains Hochi.

Increase full load hours

Their demand: The biomethane tenders should also be open to all highly flexible biomethane plants in Germany in the future. In addition, there is an urgent need to increase the full-load hours for operating the biomethane CHP from the current 15 percent of the value of the installed capacity (i.e. 1314 full-load hours) to 30 percent (i.e. 2628 full-load hours) so that these highly flexible biomethane CHPs can make a meaningful contribution to the renewable heat supply and substitution of fossil fuels, especially in the winter months with little wind and sun, and new green heat supply concepts can also be implemented.

Sandra Rostek, head of the capital’s bioenergy office, makes a similar argument. She’s holding oneA limit of 2500 full load hours per year is appropriate. In addition, it is noticeable that the bids came mainly from North Rhine-Westphalia as well as North and East Germany. The need for secure, flexible performance and climate-neutral heat from biomethane is apparently also very high in these regions. “The limitation of the biomethane tenders to the southern region planned for 2022 will therefore give away great potential for the energy transition. The tender should therefore continue to apply permanently to the whole of Germany.”

Last but not least, other central construction sites would have to be tackled this year, such as the abolition of endogenous volume control. At the same time, new incentives should be set to make the existing biogas plants more flexible, Rostek demands. (amo)


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