Gestapo case: the judge wants to know if the protagonists of the video and Vidal were in Casa Rosada or in Quinta de Olivos

Federal judge Ernesto Kreplak asked the General Secretariat of the Presidency, in charge of Julio Vitobello, to report if there are records of visits of the people who participated in the meeting at the Banco Provincia in the Casa Rosada and in the residence of Olivos . He also asked to know if the then governor Maria Eugenia Vidal was there, Infobae was able to find out from judicial sources.

The officials identified in the video are the former Buenos Aires Minister of Labor Marcelo Villegas, the former Minister of Infrastructure Roberto Gigante, the current Municipal Mayor of the city of La Plata Julio Cesar Garro, and the three former AFI officials: Juan Sebastián De Stéfano, Darío Alberto Biorci, and Diego Luis Dalmau Pereyra. Half a dozen businessmen were also charged.

Kreplak wants to know if the protagonists of the meeting at the Banco Provincia, where the “Gestapo” was discussed, were at the Casa Rosada or in Olivos between May and December 31, 2017. He also added María Eugenia Vidal, who until now has not been formally charged.

Last week, the Prosecutor’s Office asked to investigate the phones of the former governor. Prosecutor Ana Russo demanded “an exhaustive report of the incoming and outgoing calls from the telephones of the former officials present at the meeting on June 15, 2017 and the subscriber or subscribers assigned to the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires during the period between May 1, 2017 and December 2017″.

The measure has not yet been activated because it is necessary to identify the telephone lines that Vidal used at that time.

On the sidelines, the judge rejected on Monday a request from the state union ATE to be taken into account as friend of the senate on the record.

Marcelo Villegas

The investigation arose from a complaint by the AFI comptroller Cristina Caamaño who denounced the existence of a video in which former provincial officials, from the AFI, and also some construction entrepreneurs from La Plata appear. According to the complaint, the meeting at the Banco Provincia, on June 15, 2017, would have been to build cases against the unionist of the Union of Construction Workers (UOCRA), Juan Pablo “El Pata” Medina. According to the head of the AFI, the video that motivated the complaint was discovered on December 23 while they were being made “tasks of organization and maintenance of computer supplies in use”.

In the images, the former Labor Minister is heard talking about a “Gestapo”: “Believe me that if I could have -and this I am going to deny you anywhere-, if I could have a Gestapo, an onslaught force to end all the unions, I would do it. Now: the laws are the laws, I have to modify Law 10,430, get stability out of the public employees of the province, something that a grandson of mine will see in 100 years”.

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