Communications FC thrashed Nueva Concepción 7-0 and Andrés Lezcano signed a double

For date 1 of Guatemala – Torneo Clausura 2022, striker Andrés Lezcano scored two goals in the overwhelming victory of Comunicaciones against Nueva Concepción. The goals of the match for the local were scored by Lynner García (13′ 1T), Andrés Lezcano (24′ 1T and 48′ 2T), Carlos Castrillo (39′ 1T and 42′ 1T) and Nelso García (36′ 2T and 38′ 2T).

The meeting had several cautioned: Hervin Sagastume, Kevin Norales, Karel Espino and Bruno Mariani.

Communications DT, Willy Coito, presented a 4-5-1 tactical arrangement with Fredy Pérez in goal; Nicolás Samayoa, Karel Espino, Rafael Morales and Carlos Castrillo in the defensive line; Oscar Santis, José Contreras, Jorge Aparicio, Lynner García and Stheven Robles in the middle; and Andrés Lezcano in the attack.

For its part, Irving Olivares’ team came out with a 4-3-3 tactical arrangement with Ricardo Méndez under the three posts; Amilcar Carrillo, Jonathan Orellana, Leandro Martín and Sergio Jucup in defense; Dewinder Bradley, Hervin Sagastume and Marvin Rivera at half court; and Bruno Mariani, Alecio Dos Santos and Anderson Molina up front.

Cristhofer Corado was in charge of supervising the order of play during the match.

On the next day, Comunicaciones will face Cobán Imperial as a visitor, while Nueva Concepción will play at home against Malacateco.

The local is leading with 3 points and 1 win, while the visitor has not added yet and is placed in the twelfth place in the tournament.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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