Candidate Sang-Jeong Shim will return on the 17th after completing ‘Time to Contemplate’

Justice Party presidential candidate Shim Sang-jung will return after a period of deliberation on the 17th.

According to the Justice Party on the 16th, Candidate Shim visited the site of the collapse of the outer wall of a new apartment building in Gwangju and the family of the missing, and then visited the graveyard of the late wife Eun-shim Bae, the mother of Han-yeol Lee. Candidate Shim stopped the election campaign on the evening of the 12th and entered a time of deliberation.

It is explained that the schedule for this day’s visit to Gwangju is not a full-fledged resumption of the election campaign. An official from the Justice Party said, “The collapse of the outer wall of a new apartment building in Gwangju occurred on the day that candidate Shim stopped his schedule.”

Candidate Shim is said to have promised to “finish deliberation by the weekend” at a meeting with Justice Party leader Yeo Young-guk at her home in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the afternoon of the 14th. In the afternoon of the 15th, at the ’emergency conference of delegations, councils, and metropolitan provincial party chairpersons’ held at the central party in Yeouido, Seoul, representative Yeo Young-guk said, “The lives of workers outside the system, young people, women, the disabled, and minorities, etc. that we should share together. He said, “Candidate (Sim Sang-jung) will never give up the weight he has carried while saying it is his last duty.”

“I will stand up again,” he said. I will reflect on what needs to be corrected,” he said. He also emphasized, “Please make a presidential election that is not without Shim Sang-jung, but with Shim Sang-jung.” “The Justice Party will make this election a time for workers and citizens.”

Lee Dong-young, senior spokesperson for the Justice Party, said, “Candidate Shim will hold a press conference on the 17th and announce the ‘result of deliberation’ through a message to the public. He added, “I know that there will be no detailed plans, even though we will push ahead with the renewal of the predecessor team.”

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