Because of Omikron: Healed status is only valid for three months

As of: 01/17/2022 3:07 p.m

So far, six months after a corona infection was considered recovered – now the period has been reduced to three months. Because of Omikron, the risk of falling ill afterwards and becoming a carrier is greater, according to the Ministry of Health.

Anyone who has survived a corona infection is only given the recovered status for three months. The Federal Ministry of Health justified the shortening with the new virus variant Omicron. The background is that due to omicron there is a much greater risk of falling ill or being a carrier after this time, said a ministry spokesman. The determination of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) was made from a scientific point of view.

So far, proof of recovery has been recognized up to a maximum of six months after infection. This period of time was valid as long as you had to deal with the prevailing Delta variant, according to the ministry spokesman.

Change applies from Saturday

The new requirement ties in with an ordinance sealed by the Federal Council last Friday and has been in effect since Saturday. Accordingly, proof of recovery must meet criteria that the RKI publishes on a website. This includes: “The date of acceptance of the positive test must be at least 28 days ago”. And: “The date of acceptance of the positive test must not be more than 90 days ago.”

The legal basis is the change in the Covid-19 protective measures exception ordinance that came into force on January 15th, which refers to the RKI specifications. They are implemented by state regulations. The RKI also explains: “These specifications are checked regularly and can change according to the state of the art.” The regulation had previously stated as a general rule that the test was “at least 28 days and a maximum of six months ago”.

The recovered status, like the vaccination status, is decisive for quarantine and entry regulations. According to the regulation, exceptions to the quarantine apply to those who have been vaccinated three times, those who have been vaccinated twice in the first three months after the second vaccination, those who have recovered in compliance with the three-month period and other people who have recovered with an additional vaccination. Special rules according to which one dose was recognized as a complete vaccination for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are no longer applicable.

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