“As far as it goes”: Cuauhtémoc Blanco filed a complaint with the FGR for the “dirty war” orchestrated against him

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This Monday, the governor of Morelos, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, arrived at the facilities of the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime Investigation (SEIDO), located in Mexico City, to denounce the alleged “dirty war” orchestrated against him by, he has pointed out, political actors of the entity that governs, who are detractors of his management.

“As far as it goes”, Blanco pointed out as he left the office belonging to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), “I am not going to stop,” he added, repeating once again that he is aware that there are judges, prosecutors, state and municipal police who are involved with organized crime. “They paid the campaigns to mayors and deputies,” he indicated in reference to those who, he points out, are now arming the entire media attack against him. “Here I am showing my face and I am not going to stop and I am not afraid of them, here I am firm”.

Last week, two narcomantas were displayed in Morelos with messages linking Blanco to organized crime groups. In this regard, this weekend at a press conference, the state government secretary, Pablo Ojeda Cardenas and the State Security Commissioner, Jose Antonio Ortiz Guarnerosassured that the Cuauhtémoc government faces a political battle against some characters who seek to discredit his six-year term, who would have manipulated information from the Attorney General of the State and Anticorruption to affect the credibility of his mandate.

“The state of Morelos is being besieged by a few political actors from the past and economic ones from the present, but very powerful, with enough resources to make a dirty, intense and lasting war”, Ortiz Guarneros recited during the appearance before the media.

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