Andrés Wiese and Janick Maceta are captured together on an outing by the Amor y Fuego cameras

Andrés Wiese and Janick Maceta were recorded while they were shopping in what would be a cafeteria. (Photo: Instagram)

New romance in the Peruvian show business? The program love and fire He published on his social networks the preview of what would be seen on screens on January 17 and what caught the most attention was the ampay of Andrés Wiese with Janick Maceta.

Let us remember that the magazine broadcast by Willax Television had to be suspended after a positive case was detected in one of the members of the production since Thursday, January 13.

In the promotional video The two can be seen in what would be a cafeteria and the actor can be seen placing his hand on the waist of the former Miss Peru. “”Ricolas” and Janick Maceta will not be able to hide it anymore”, reads the trailer clip.

Before the program Rodrigo Gonzalez and Gigi Miter went off the air for a few days, the driver had revealed that he had exclusive images in his possession that would show that the remembered ‘ricolás’ from Al fondo hay lugar and the model would be dating.

Stop everything! Last minute! Tomorrow (January 13), the image that everyone wants to see, we have it “, wrote the popular “Peluchín” about the artists on January 12; however, they could not be disclosed due to said suspension.

It should be noted that speculation of a possible romance began when a user on TikTok made a video go viral collecting different “evidence” that showed that both did not stop “Liking” each other on their social networks for several months.

Likewise, Amor y Fuego issued a report that would suggest that Chollywood would soon witness a new romance. It was revealed that both went to the same places, which would indicate that both are in “outings”, something that both have tried to keep out of the public eye.

The truth is that one of the two is expected to confirm or deny the rumors of a possible new romantic relationship. It is worth mentioning that after this report was issued, Andrés Wiese wrote on his Instagram “We all have the right to start over” along with an emoji of a white heart and a winking face.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram


During the report that Amor y Fuego showed to reveal that between Andrés Wiese and Janick Maceta there would be a strong attraction, a reporter called the model directly to ask her about the type of relationship she has with the actor, to which she did not deny it, nor did he affirm it.

Ah, you know that I can’t testify for the program“, he said between laughs. “I’m with another house… but anyway I appreciate the intention of your call”added the former beauty queen.

At the reporter’s insistence, Janick Maceta She stressed again that she could not give any statement to Love and Fire, so she repeated again that she could not speak. “Hahaha God I can’t tell you anything”, he specified.

Right now I’m about to enter the program again, I really appreciate your call, but I can’t talk to you, I’m sorry “, he added to later flatter the actor. “Eh, well they have talent… of course”.

A report from Amor y Fuego announced that there would be a rapprochement between Andrés Wiese and Janick Maceta.


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