Andrea Llosa surprises by revealing that she was dating Salim Vera, a former Líbido singer

Andrea Llosa makes a confession on social networks. (Photo: Instagram)

the journalist Andrea Llosa He surprised this weekend by making an unexpected confession to his followers. The TV host submitted to some questions from her fans where they asked her a variety of questions, including if it was true that he dated for a while Salim Vera, former leader of Libido.

“Is it true that you dated Salim Vera?”Twitter users asked. To which she replied: “HAHAHAHA YEAH”, a fact that surprised many, because the journalist and the singer never spoke of the subject on any occasion.

However, Andrea’s driver did not give more details of this departure.

Andrea Llosa and her confession on social networks.
Andrea Llosa and her confession on social networks.

as is known, Andrea Llosa She is very discreet regarding her private life. However, in June 2021, she opened the doors of her privacy by revealing that she was separated from the father of her two children, with whom she had a relationship of more than 15 years.

“I have decided, my husband and I, to separate after many years. It is not easy to tell, but I also want to tell you what is happening to me. These are the stories of real life and I tell them to you looking into your eyes”, indicated the driver after making a stop in her Andrea program.

In this round of questions from her fans, the journalist decided to answer a question about it, clarifying whether she had returned with her ex-partner.

“No, we have not returned. We have a cordial, affectionate relationship. In addition, we are partners in our psychological center and we have two children who will unite us forever, which is the most important thing for both of us”, wrote.


At another time he spoke about the Magaly Medina program. The TV host pointed out that she does not see the space. Likewise, he stressed that it is not that he does not fall, only that “I have no relationship with her”. A very different answer from the one he gave when asked about Pamela Vértiz.

“She is my great friend. I love you so much. I respect her and she is an extraordinary professional and person.” The journalist wrote, tagging her colleague, who immediately replied that the respect is mutual. In addition, he posted a photo of them together.


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