A Turkish pop star, denounced for blasphemy for insulting Adam and Eve

Istanbul, Jan 17 (EFE).- The veteran star of the Turkish song Sezen Aksu has been the subject of several legal complaints in which he is accused of “blasphemy” for having described Edán and Eva as “ignorant” in a song by love of 2017, after opening a debate on social networks promoted by Islamist media. The campaign of harassment began after several Islamist-oriented newspapers close to the Turkish government yesterday published headlines about the alleged “blasphemy” of the singer. “We are going from bad to worse, straight towards the apocalypse, thanks to those ignorant Adam and Eve” is the text of the stanza of the song that has now caused debate and complaints, one of them for “incitement to hatred against a religion”. Several artists have shown solidarity today with the singer on social networks. The Diyanet, equivalent to the Turkish Ministry of Religion, today condemned in a statement any lack of respect towards Adam and Eve “the ancestors shared and venerated by all humanity.” The note does not name the singer, but insists that “maintaining a nonchalant attitude towards religious symbols and values ​​is, at the very least, disrespectful” and considers that “upholding these values ​​is an essential human moral attitude.” The singer, who in her four decades of career has not only deeply marked the development of Turkish pop music but has also often participated in social and political debates, has not yet commented on the accusations. EFE iut/as/psh


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