A fire on the Puente de Paraná island has already destroyed several hectares in Entre Ríos

Several firefighters worked at the site this Sunday and will continue to do so throughout Monday (Télam)

An impressive fire was devastating several hectares in the area of ​​the Bridge Island, in front of the city of Paraná, capital of Entre Ríos, and several firefighters were working on the spot to try to contain the flames.

According to local media, the fire started on Saturday night and quickly spread through the region covered in trees and grasses, but so far it has not affected the homes of the fishermen who live in the area.

Volunteer firefighters and sappers from Paraná, as well as brigade members from the Entre Ríos Police, with the collaboration of the Prefecture, worked throughout Sunday to try to put out the fire, which it was still active in some sectors.

“Until the last hours of this Sunday, combat and control tasks were carried out on the fire detected on Puente Island. The work was carried out by land and by air, with a helicopter managed by Governor Gustavo Bordet”reported the provincial authorities.

In a statement, they specified that the operations “participated volunteer firefighters and sappers from Paraná, brigade members of the Entre Ríos Police, and Prefecture personnel who collaborated with the transfer of people, with the logistics coordination of Civil Defense and the Provincial Plan Fire Management”.

Meanwhile, the Municipality collaborated with Sanitary Works personnel, providing a three-phase generator, a large pump and two explosion motor pumps in the task they carry out to put out the fire on Puente Island, the published text abounded.

Work will continue this Monday because there were still some flames in the north and south of the island. In the last few hours, the hydrant helicopter who arrived from the city of Rosario and who was serving during the afternoon.

There are still some active foci in the north and south of the island (Télam)
There are still some active foci in the north and south of the island (Télam)

The high temperatures, the drought and the descent of the river increase the risk of fires, for which the government of Entre Ríos asked the population to “take extreme prevention measures: do not make fires in unauthorized places, do not throw matches or lighted cigarettes, and do not throw plastic or glass bottles.”

For its part, in dialogue with the local newspaper ONEthe environmental lawyer Jorge Daneri He maintained that the fire could have been caused intentionally, so he filed a complaint to investigate the fact, which was left in the hands of the prosecutor on duty, in charge of Evangeline Santana.

“I must indicate that the reaction of the prosecutor was immediate, and this should be highlighted, since she urgently ordered forceful operations and instructions to the personnel of the Entre Ríos Police, firefighters, Prefecture and Environment of the province of Entre Ríos” , highlighted Daneri.

For the lawyer, the fire on the island “is clearly intentional”, but “with the measures claimed, possible responsibilities could be established.”

“There is a diversity of scenarios made up of bad guys, people, who don’t care about anything, and who have no problem intentionally setting fires. There are factors that would be linked to the location of the islands, but beyond everything, the judicial investigation will be able to reach the culverts that cause this great damage to the environment,” he explained.

On Saturday, another fire consumed more than 2,000 hectares in the Villaguay department, also in Entre Ríos, and in this case five ranches were affected, where some cows and horses died.

In recent days, several incidents of this type hit different provinces of the country. One of the largest was recorded in Bariloche, around lakes Martin and Steffen, but outbreaks were also fought in Chubut, Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Salta, San Luis, Santa Fe, Salta, Formosa, Mendoza and La Pampa.

According to the latest report of National Fire Management Service (SNMF), until this Sunday the flames in most of these places were already controlled, contained or extinguished, except in some regions where firefighters continued to work.


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