509 certified labor attorneys ‘support Lee Jae-myung’

▲ A meeting of certified labor attorneys supporting Candidate Jae-myung Lee

509 certified labor attorneys, including former president of the Korea Certified Labor Association, Park Young-ki, declared their support for Lee Jae-myung, the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

On the afternoon of the 17th, about 30 labor lawyers, including former Chairman Park, held a press conference at the Democratic Party of Korea in Yeouido, Seoul and made this statement. The press conference was attended by Kim Byeong-wook, head of the Central Election Countermeasures Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea, and Lee Seong-man, deputy director of the Central Election Countermeasures Committee.

Former Chairman Park Young-gi said, “Candidate Jae-myung Lee was diagnosed with an industrial accident while he was a boy and was diagnosed with a disability, so he is well aware of the pain and injustice of industrial accident workers. It is so innovative that even our labor consultants, who are experts in labor, are amazed.” These candidates cited the △ Fair Allowance for Non-regular Workers △ Support for Platform Workers’ Industrial Accident Insurance Premiums △ Conclusion of an agreement for social dialogue between local government, labor, and management on platform labor, which Lee carried out while serving as governor of Gyeonggi Province. He is the right person to build a society that respects labor.”

Director Kim Byeong-wook said, “The declaration of support from labor agents is valuable because it has secured a strong supporter for labor policy development and implementation.


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