Violence overwhelmed in Tibú: FARC dissidents reportedly stole Ecopetrol’s firefighting truck

The fact is reported by the authorities that he appeared at kilometer 15 on the way to Campo Dos in the municipality of Tibú, where armed individuals who identified themselves as members of the Farc dissidents, approached a driver and forced him to get off the fire fighting truck. of Ecopetrol to steal it. The employee of the oil company was left at a station and after taking a tour on foot, he informed the oil company headquarters of what had happened.

Two company vehicles have been stolen in the last few hours in Catatumbo. The other case was recorded in the municipality of Sardinata, where another of Ecopetrol’s contractor drivers was at the station when he was approached by unknown individuals who took the vehicle.

Ecopetrol reported after the violent events in Tibú temporarily suspend ground movements for a range of three weeks, any movement essential for the continuity of the operation, must be coordinated and in such case have an escort duly coordinated with the public force.

Not only have the Ecopetrol company suffered vehicle thefts, last Thursday, January 13, the engineer Diego Fernando Lozano, employee of the Consultec company, a contractor for the state oil company Ecopetrol, while he was carrying out his work in the municipality of Tibú, he was kidnapped by a group of heavily armed men who presumably belonged to the ranks of the criminal group the National Liberation Army THE N.

The representative of Tibú, Jhon Ascanio, stated that this kidnapping was carried out in the midst of harassment of the National Police facilities in this border municipality, one of the most affected by violence in the country. He called on his captors to guarantee his rights and respect his life and integrity.

On Wednesday, January 13, one day before the kidnapping of engineer Diego Lozano, men on a motorcycle threw a grenade at a place where members of the National Army were. At least three soldiers were injured in the incident. According to information provided by the Army, the injured are an officer and two soldiers who were part of a military operation that was carried out in the area to guarantee the safety of the residents of Tibú.

Another distressing night for the safety of the inhabitants of the municipality of Norte de Santander was that of Friday, January 7, where a group of armed individuals unexpectedly attacked the Police Station, resulting in one insurgent being wounded and another dead.

According to the first report, a subversive died at the scene and another was wounded. “Subversives attacked the Tibú Police station with rifles and artisanal artillery. In the police and military reaction, public order and citizen security were restored in the municipality. We are verifying two subversives who would have been injured, and apparently one of them died due to the reaction of the public force”reported Carlos Martínez, commander of the Norte de Santander Police.

Tibú is a municipality in Colombia located in the Catatumbo region, department of Norte de Santander, on the border with Venezuela and on the banks of the river that bears the same name. Its geographical location makes the armed groups profiting mostly from drug trafficking, fight blood and fire for the coveted routes created for the export of drugs. This situation has constantly mourned the population of Tibú, who observe in astonishment one of the most violent beginnings of the year for the region.


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